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Best and Worst of SmackDown Live: 1st August, 2017

Riju Dasgupta
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SmackDown had its ups and SmackDown had its downs too!
SmackDown Live had its ups and it certainly had its downs too!

Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, saw a very interesting episode of the blue brand this week. While there was really no aspect of the show that was awful, there was something about the entire card that just somehow screamed 'B-Show'.

However, despite its faults, it was an eventful show and we must give credit where it is due.

So, as we head into Summerslam, let's examine how this show delivered and in what aspects it fell short in getting us excited for the big stage. Here is a detailed article featuring the 'Best and Worst of SmackDown Live'.

#1 Best: Well worth the hype

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The main event delivered on every single front

Sometimes, when a match is described as a dream contest, it just fails to deliver when the bell rings. This wasn't the case during the match between John Cena and The Artist, Shinsuke Nakamura. What they created between those ropes was indeed a piece of art.

We mentioned how this show had felt like the B-Show at times, during the evening. There is something about John Cena's presence that gets the crowd invested into a match and makes it feel much more important than is. We would even go to the extent of calling it Shinsuke Nakamura's best match on the main roster.

Cena ensured he did what Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin could not: by having Nakamura kick out of the AA, he made Nakamura look absolutely indestructible. By succumbing to the Kinshasa, he made that move look like a really powerful finisher. Nakamura is now a bigger player than when he walked into the arena that very same day, thanks to John Cena!

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