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Best and worst of SmackDown Live: 28 March, 2017

SmackDown shows Raw how to book a go-home show.

Top 5 / Top 10 29 Mar 2017, 08:51 IST
The highlight this week was the Miz-Maryse-John-Nikki segment

Does it feel like WrestleMania week to you? We know that when Raw ended this week, it did not feel so. SmackDown wasn't the perfect show, but fared much better than Raw in terms of building up to The Ultimate Thrill Ride’.

While one segment this week stole the show and the rest of the episode contained a lot of ho-hum moments, it was still a pretty solid showcase before Wrestlemania. As always, here's your post show recap of the best and worst of Smackdown Live. The final one before WrestleMania.

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