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Best and Worst of Tribute to The Troops (12/14/16)

The show had its good moments, but many bad ones too.

Tribute to the Troops was honestly, a fun but uneventful show

Tribute to the Troops is an initiative carried out by WWE to honour the US armed forces, giving them a performance customised for their entertainment, with patriotic themes and strong babyfaces. Unfortunately, the modern day smarter wrestling fan often feels a disconnect with the watered down content portrayed at such events.

Tribute to The Troops was a pretty by-the-numbers show that came to us from Washington DC, with many military men in attendance. We at Sportskeeda Wrestling News present the best and worst from the show, for your pleasure.

#1 Best: Greatest factions square off!

This was definitely the highlight of the show

Tribute to the Troops was a show presented by both Raw and SmackDown Live. As a result, we got to see an epic confrontation backstage that we had never expected. The New Day, celebrating their record-breaking title reign, were confronted by The Club and while AJ Styles, Gallows and Anderson are on separate brands, it was awesome to see them reunite once again.

As the heels were cutting a promo, lo and behold, we saw the reunited Shield. Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins, are all babyfaces now; so can a Shield reunion happen very soon?

We urge WWE to take a cue from Lucha Underground and introduce a Trios Championship. There is money in booking The Shield vs. The Club for sure!

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