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Best and worst of WWE RAW- Scandalous opening segment, New finisher unveiled 

Riju Dasgupta
Top 5 / Top 10
08 Oct 2019, 11:22 IST

Lashley showed up in a bathrobe to open the show!
Lashley showed up in a bathrobe to open the show!

Many assumed that after the train wreck that was Hell in a Cell, WWE would pull their socks up for the episode of RAW that followed the pay-per-view. That was not to be because, while it wasn't an awful show, it was an uneventful show.

Usually, I'm brimming with ideas for articles after an episode of RAW but this week, I'm struggling to write anything beyond 'Best and Worst'. It just seems like WWE does not care about RAW until the draft comes our way on Friday Night with SmackDown.

I would have to say that this show was more bad than good, overall, but I invite you to leave your comments and let me know if you thought otherwise, in the comments below. I really did think that nothing of note happened during the show.

Please let me know if you did feel the same way as well!

#1 Best: Rusev snaps and becomes a monster again

Honestly, with Rusev Day and everything else, we had forgotten that Rusev could be a savage beast when it was necessary to be one. This week on RAW, I loved how things started straight in the ring, with both Corbin and Orton taking the fight to the Bulgarian Brute, from the moment the show kicked off.

Once the whole Lana and Lashley thing happened, something just happened to snap inside Rusev and it transformed him into the monster that the man once was. He ran through his opponents and we have a glimpse of the man that he used to be long before he became a comedy character.

I know that a lot of you may not necessarily like the Total Divas storyline. But isn't it better than Lashley showing his rear end to the camera every week?

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