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Bray Wyatt’s got the Cenation in his hands

3.54K   //    03 May 2014, 23:00 IST
Bray Wyatt can be the one to finally break Cena!

Bray Wyatt can be the one to finally break Cena!

Every once in a while, you get to see something spectacular in the world of professional wrestling. When you take the biggest professional wrestling promotion in the world, it is a rarity that the fans get to choose. For years, WWE has been telling the fans what to like and what not to. For years, Vince McMahon has been of the ideology that the fans don’t know what they want, and it is up to the WWE management to tell the fans whom to cheer for. But there comes a time when the WWE Universe gets to choose their favorite. After watching John Cena dominate the scene for more than 6 years, the WWE fans had enough. They chose CM Punk as the “next guy” to be the face of the WWE.

But when the WWE had to give the ball to someone to main event WrestleMania, they went back to John Cena. When the fans once again said “enough is enough”, they chose Daniel Bryan, but once again, when WWE had the chance to pass the ball to someone else, they went back to John Cena by giving him the World Heavyweight championship when he returned from an injury last year.

The WWE Universe wanted something monumental to happen to change the landscape of the company – A force so dominant that the WWE Universe and the management couldn’t ignore, and neither could John Cena. At a time when Cena, for the very first time in his career, talked about his professional career winding down, along came one of the most mysterious and captivating figures in WWE history. And indeed “they” were here.

For years, WWE has been playing around with the fans, teasing a change of character for John Cena. For years, the fans have been booing John, with his character becoming monotonous and stale. The fans have always had a problem with superstars who couldn’t evolve – Every superstar in the WWE history had to adapt.

You even had guys like The Undertaker, who underwent various transformations to keep the interest alive in his gimmick. John Cena, for various marketing and promotional reasons, has been guarded by the WWE machine from this metamorphosis. John Cena has been the guy for nearly a decade now, and the majority of the fans, who happen to be kids, adore John Cena. Cena’s character stands for fighting against odds, never giving up and in the end, emerging victorious against the entire world. For obvious reasons, the kids and their parents have always supported him, giving birth to the now infamous “Cenation”.

What Bray Wyatt’s character stands for is completely opposite. I absolutely love the path WWE has taken with Wyatt’s character. With the more knowledgeable fans firmly behind Bray Wyatt, the WWE once again planted a doubt in the minds of the fans, a doubt that they created a few years ago with the Zack Ryder – John Cena relationship. With WWE once again teasing resentment creeping into John Cena, due to the fans cheering on Bray Wyatt instead of him, this can be the perfect opportunity for Cena to reinvent himself.

In all fairness, I expected Bray Wyatt to pick up the victory during their match a month ago at WrestleMania 30. Wyatt needed the victory more than Cena, but the WWE once again played it safe with Cena defying the odds and ending up victorious. In the past, John Cena overcame insurmountable odds – against Nexus and even against The Shield.

But this time, WWE needs to take a risk of putting the Wyatts over, and who better to give Bray Wyatt the credibility than the biggest name in the WWE in the past decade? Although WWE failed to pull the trigger with Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 30, they have a chance to right the wrong at Extreme Rules.

I’ve always been a fan of dark characters. From Jake Roberts to The Undertaker, there have been very few superstars who were successful in captivating the fans with their persona, and their aura. Bray Wyatt has the tools to become the face of the WWE sooner rather than later. With the fans turning on John Cena, even John could use a transformation in his gimmick.

In the end, it’s a risk worth taking, as John Cena can reinvent himself while Bray Wyatt can finally slay the mightiest foe that anyone ever had to face in the WWE! If WWE does indeed take a chance with Bray Wyatt, the entire landscape of the WWE can change this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

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