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Brock Lesnar joins Jonathan Coachman on ESPN SportsCenter

1.16K   //    17 Feb 2016, 12:06 IST
The Beast like you’ve never seen him before!

Last night’s episode of ESPN Sportscenter saw former UFC and WWE champion Brock Lesnar joining the host Jonathan Coachman. They discussed on various topics including his difficult accolade, favourite WrestleMania moment, Daniel Bryan, Paul Heyman and UFC. Let us see what the Beast Incarnate had to say on those things.

The most difficult accolade for him in his career

It must be winning the NCAA Championship because of the training involved, but nothing has come easy for him.

His favorite Wrestlemania moment

He laughs about one bad moment – the ‘failed’ Shooting Star Press to Kurt Angle at WM 19, but he says he is still looking forward to the future for a really great Wrestlemania moment.  

On Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman has really helped his career and they work really well together, and Heyman has been on his side since day one. Without Heyman, his career would have been nothing and Brock is forever grateful for that.

On Daniel Bryan’s retirement

Bryan made a wise choice, noting he’s probably had a lot of concussions he didn’t know about, but putting your pride aside and taking care of your family and stepping away is the right decision. 

On his successful UFC career

The Beast brought out the similarities between UFC and the WWE and talks about pay-per-view buys, then references how Ronda Rousey sold fights and talks about her Ellen appearance. 

On any advice for Rousey

He's a big fan but you have to learn that you must lose before you can win, you have to be able to get back on the horse. He says one fight isn't going to make or break her career. 

On a crossover appeal with Rousey

Rousey can do whatever she wants. He believes she has a lot on her plate, saying you can't be a fighter and be in 10 movies per year. Lesnar says Rousey needs to step back and figure out what she wants to do moving forward.

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