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Brock meets his match! a 'Roman' threat

2.51K   //    04 Mar 2015, 16:56 IST
Brock Lesnar defends championship title against the “Next Big Thing” at WrestleMania 31

Roman Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan in a terrific contention match at the Fastlane main event. The story goes that Reigns has earned his title shot two times in a row. He has in fact been endorsed by Bryan as the man who will destroy Brock Lesnar. After their match, Bryan told Reigns to go ahead and shame Lesnar. The crowd cheered on and WWE wouldn’t have been happier otherwise.

But it seems a bit of a tactical strategy to have booked Reigns against Bryan and it appears to have paid off as well. Bryan helped Reigns demonstrate a fantastic performance and to reveal his fullest potential. Roman lived up to our expectations and went on to winning the contention shot. The result has created a highly anticipated Reigns Vs Lesnar title match fixture for WrestleMania main event.

Credit goes to the creative team at the WWE for an immaculate prediction on increasing TRP. The pacing of action and the structure of the storyline are both well played cards waiting to win a big hand. Both men have been working stiff shots at each other and attempt to be the cause of the others humiliation. As the conditions build up toward a thrilling muscle-to-muscle, brawn-to-brawn encounter, Reigns proves a point to Lesnar by nailing deathly spears on his other opponents and by setting fearsome examples of what is coming his way.

Post match handshake. Bryan encourages Roman to go for gold.

The match against Daniel Bryan was possibly the best singles match of Reigns’ career. He earned his share of support and then went on to taunting his opponent, as the fans cheered him on chanting “Roman Reigns” during most parts of the action. Roman has got strong momentum on his side, going into this WrestleMania as the favourite after his decisive and convincing win over Bryan. Also supplement by his Rumble win and a large fan base backing him against Lesnar.

Arguments from critics and fans however, suggest that this move might have been a risky affair. Daniel Bryan is definitely the more able and more popular wrestler. A win over Roman Reigns at the Fastlane show would have made Bryan the contender to Lesnar’s title. Since that’s not about to happen, it looks as if Bryan will have to make do with a Dolph Ziggler or a Shamus match for the upcoming WrestleMania 31.

The explanation for this could be that Vince McMahon feels Bryan might not physically match up to Brock and that Roman has already started to assume the former title of Lesnar; calling himself “The Next Big Thing”. There is also a perception that Bryan’s time was last year and giving him the spotlight once again might not be a step forward.

But lets keep in mind that an upcoming renewal or non-renewal of Lesnar’s expiring contract could be a vital factor on the basis of which the winner might be decided.Guess we’ll have to wait till the event to find out. 

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