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Will WWE ever have a female main-event draw along the likes of Ronda Rousey in the UFC?

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Rock and Rousey- Equals?

When Charlotte and Sasha Banks main evented an NXT live event in Philadelphia, it got some major acclaim on social media. It was promoted by WWE as a landmark in women’s wrestling.

There was one tweet that stood out amidst WWE’s promotion of this moment and the fans celebrating it. Lance Storm tweeted-

Storm’s tweet was accurate but still a bit too idealistic. Charlotte and Banks main evented a live non- televised event in Philadelphia for their developmental promotion. While NXT is a great platform when it comes to women’s wrestling, the main roster, which has the most audience, is nowhere near that sort of discussion.

The Rousey(ing) Phenomenon

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But, in the past one week, the major talking points for the WWE have been discussions around a few female performers.

For one, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch are still soaking in the adulation from their match at Unstoppable. NXT has more women performing in their one hour show than Raw has in its three- hour format.  Lana’s popularity is on the rise.

And then there is Ronda Rousey.

Ronda Rousey is the woman who made an appearance at Wrestlemania to provide some assistance to The Rock. She gave a judo drop to Triple H and then almost clinched Stephanie’s arm. She is also a rare phenomenon in the world of combat sports today. She’s one of the global faces of the UFC and is one of their biggest draws.

When Dana White, the UFC President, says, “She just doesn’t wanna win, she wants to destroy you”, you have to believe that it’s legit. She’s broken arms on live television and dominated her opponents till date. When Stephanie McMahon described her in that Wrestlemania segment as ‘the most dangerous unarmed woman in the world’, you don’t raise eyebrows. You believe it.

If Rousey ever comes to the WWE she will be the female equivalent to what Brock Lesnar has become. She’s merciless, she’s powerful, she’s a beast.  And there is no way not to believe that she can actually main event a PPV in the WWE.

Women and Main Events

Speaking of women main eventing a Pay Per View (PPV) in the WWE- how many times has that happened? No tag matches don’t count. Neither does being present as a manager.

How many times have they main evented as singles performers in a singles match?


The problem may be that there is no good writing involved, firstly, and secondly, Vince McMahon may or may not think that there is a woman with that ‘main event’ kind of aura.

In my opinion, the WWE hasn’t been looking at the right performers. Stephanie McMahon can main event a PPV. She’s a heel magnet, she’s one of the most memorable characters in the WWE and even if not technically superior, she can deliver a great match just by her theatrics and by her mere presence. Brie Bella and McMahon had a feud last summer which saw them getting a substantial amount of screen time and some great moments. Their match was one of the best at Summerslam and in the past year. It was quite well-written.

But the greatest moments of that feud were provided by Stephanie McMahon. In terms of acting, Bella couldn’t equal her.  Her nastiness, arrogance and snobbishness created a monster heel out of her- the likes of Joffrey in Game of Thrones.  Her getting arrested was one of the most overwhelmingly great moments of Raw. She sold it like a boss.

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