Change in red-hot feud? Main eventer done? - 4 King and Queen of the Ring questions that must be addressed on WWE RAW

Many RAW Superstars made an impact at King and Queen Of The Ring [Images from]
Many RAW Superstars made an impact at King and Queen Of The Ring [Images from]

WWE King and Queen of the Ring 2024 was a solid premium live event with one of the strongest cards and crowds of the year. The Jeddah Super Dome show had plenty of memorable moments including a world championship change and two tournament winners earning world title shots at SummerSlam. Monday Night RAW was well represented at the event with seven superstars officially booked.

The aftermath of King and Queen of the Ring has generated a lot of buzz, with plenty of fallout from the Saudi spectacle to be addressed. The red brand, as always, will have the first opportunity to do this, attempting to answer fan questions regarding the events from the show.

Let's look at four of the biggest questions that should be answered by WWE RAW coming out of King and Queen of the Ring 2024

#4: Is Becky Lynch temporarily or permanently leaving WWE?

Becky Lynch lost the Women's World Championship to Liv Morgan in the opening match at WWE King and Queen of the Ring. Later in the show, The Man demanded an instant activation of her rematch clause, promising to speak to Adam Pearce to set it up for RAW. The timing of the potential rematch raised eyebrows amongst the audience, especially given the talk surrounding her contract situation.

Lynch's current contract with the TKO-owned promotion is reported to be expiring in the next few weeks, so crossing over to AEW is not impossible. Even if the eight-time champion is re-committing to her current place of employment, she was rumored to be taking a vacation before stepping in as champion when Rhea Ripley got injured.

Will Becky Lynch be written off permanently or for a few months during her rematch? Will the company reveal that she has renewed her contract? Could a swerve be on the books, seeing her shockingly regain the title? RAW may have answers.

#3: What's next for the WWE RAW stars who didn't feature at King and Queen of the Ring?

While King and Queen of the Ring featured many WWE RAW stars, many more were not in Jeddah. Bron Breakker, Ilja Dragunov, Damian Priest, and Drew McIntyre were left off the card for a variety of reasons. Now that the event is done, what will the creative team have for them?

How will Adam Pearce make it up to Breakker for leaving him out of the KOTR tournament? How will the build for Clash at the Castle kick off? What matches besides McIntyre vs. Priest will be added to the Scotland event? What's next for the likes of Awesome Truth, Damage CTRL, and the rest of the roster? What about NXT call-ups from the draft yet to appear on the red brand?

It will be interesting to see how RAW kicks on from Saturday's event.

#2: What's next for the WWE RAW stars who did feature in Jeddah?

While many were left off the card, the RAW Superstars who did feature at King and Queen of the Ring had an eventful night with mixed fortunes. Gunther and Liv Morgan were big winners, but Lyra Valkyria fell short just like fellow Irishwoman Becky Lynch. Chad Gable and Bronson Reed suffered similar failure against Sami Zayn, while Otis and Dominik Mysterio will have some explaining to do.

Will Morgan give Lynch her rematch? What will The Ring General do as he waits for his SummerSlam title shot? What's next for Valkyria after a barn-storming introduction to the main roster? Will Otis and the rest of Alpha Academy finally step out from Gable's oppressive thumb? What consequences will Dirty Dom face for accidentally helping Morgan win? Was it really accidental?

The red brand might have some shocking answers to these queries.

#1: Is CM Punk vs Drew McIntyre happening later than the WWE Universe anticipated?

Since CM Punk got injured at the 2024 Royal Rumble, he and Drew McIntyre have been engrossed in one of the most personal and compelling feuds in all of WWE. McIntyre cost Punk his WrestleMania dream, and then The Voice of the Voiceless cost him a world title at The Show of Shows. Post-Mania, the words have continued to fly, and there seems no end in sight to their animosity.

With both men approaching the end of their injury layoffs, many observers initially assumed The Scottish Warrior would dethrone Damian Priest at Clash at the Castle and face The Second City Saint at SummerSlam. However, McIntyre is confirmed to be challenging Priest in Scotland, while King of the Ring Gunther awaits the winner at the Biggest Party of the Summer. This raises some questions.

Is McIntyre not winning the world title in his home country? Will Punk cost him the match against The Judgment Day's Punishment? Will he dethrone Priest and instead be cost by his bitter rival in Cleveland, leading to a post-Summerslam rivalry? RAW may have some indication as to whether the hottest feud arguably in WWE has been pushed back from the initially speculated timelines.

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