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Chris Jericho says AEW is not looking to hire right now, gives clues to future feuds 

Karan Bedi
08 Nov 2019, 10:06 IST

Jericho and MJF (Photo: Lee South/AEW)
Jericho and MJF (Photo: Lee South/AEW)

Chris Jericho sat down for an interview with ScreenGeek to discuss all things AEW, fan culture, how their current roster is full of unknown talent as well as who he could have feuds with going forward. Moreover, he spoke further that they're not looking to sign anybody else right now unless it makes sense.

Chris Jericho gives clues to future feuds

Jericho discussed how their company is a true alternative due to the fact that they have money, passion and a TV deal. Moreover, he also hinted at who he could feud with over the next two years. He further said,

"The reason we got the TV deal is we needed to have 6-8 legitimate main event superstars that are fresh. We have that. You’ve got Moxley and Jericho, who reinvented themselves. Then you’ve got Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega, Cody, Hangman Page, MJF. You can build a whole company around those guys. I have matches for the next two years just with those guys and the guys that are on the roster currently."

Chris Jericho says AEW is not hiring right now

Jericho pointed that their roster is full of unknown talent that the general audience doesn't know about. Moreover, he says guys like The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega have to get over. He also said that they won't sign anyone new unless it makes sense. He explained,

"We’re not looking to hire anybody else right now. If someone comes along that makes sense, we will, but we have so much talent that people don’t even know, they don’t even know the Young Bucks yet! That’s what I’m saying, you have to understand, this is our first show, you can’t assume that everyone knows who these guys are. I haven’t been on TV for two years. What’s the first line I ever said on AEW TV? ‘My name is Chris Jericho, and I am the champion of AEW’. That pretty much tells the tale. ‘Oh, who is that guy? Oh, he’s the champion?’ Boom. Done. It’s like a good movie poster that tells you what it is.
I think it’s really important to establish who these guys are so that when people see them they’ll freak out as to why they’ve never heard of them before and just how good they are because they’ve been doing this for years and chose NOT to go to WWE. The secret to AEW is that we all have passion to be here because we want to be.

Jericho's point of view makes sense in the larger scheme of things. While the active roster has probably 40-50 wrestlers currently, they only have two hours every week on TNT to expose them. The company relies heavily on social media to push their wrestlers. Moreover, he's absolutely right about the passion that most of the roster is bringing to the forefront when they're performing.

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