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Chris Jericho says he has almost full creative control over his storylines in AEW

Karan Bedi
Published Nov 08, 2019
Nov 08, 2019 IST

Jericho knows best (Photo credit: Lee South/AEW)
Jericho knows best (Photo credit: Lee South/AEW)

Chris Jericho sat down with ScreenGeek to discuss AEW, its fans, his time in WWE and more. Moreover, he spoke about the way booking is done in AEW. While Tony Khan is the boss and has the final say, Jericho's experience in the business allows him to write his own stuff and more control than others on the roster.

How does booking work in AEW?

Most AEW fans are aware that the booking committee seems to consist of Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and Tony Khan. Chris Jericho does say it's a collaborative atmosphere, but it's also understood that his 29 years of industry experience gives him an edge over the others when it comes to his own storylines. He further says,

"There’s kind of an infrastructure, you’ve heard of the EVP’s, Cody, and obviously Tony Khan is the boss. So there’s a little bit of a committee, I guess you’d say. But, for me, I pretty much write all my own stuff. That’s not to say I’m not gonna take suggestions, but definitely when it comes to a final approval, and not from a di**ish standpoint, from knowing what’s gonna work and what’s not gonna work after doing this for 29 years. So, it’s going to be interesting. It’s great to be able to book a show and then have two months til the next one, which has been our schedule. But now, you have every week. Wednesday after Wednesday after Wednesday.

Jericho also says that while he, Cody and Moxley have Live TV experience, several people on the AEW roster do not. He also said that Live TV is a differrent animal and in a way, it's uncharted waters for everybody.

What's next?

Chris Jericho's point of view makes sense. And it also gives more weight to the idea that there is more creative freedom for the AEW wrestlers than other companies. It'll be interesting how things unfold when Jericho takes on Cody at AEW Full Gear.

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