Daniel Bryan Net Worth and Salary

Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan
Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan retired this year in February 2016 after an illustrious 16-year career which saw him become a Ring Of Honor World Champion and a Four-time World Champion with WWE. His popularity soared in 2013, and the unreal amount of fan support that he had, got him to the main event of Wrestlemania XXX, where he stood tall to end the 30th anniversary of WWE’s Superbowl.

Bryan began his career in 1999 when he first went to Dean Malenko's wrestling school. However, he then changed to Shawn Michaels' school after Malenko's had closed down. Michaels academy was known as Texas Wrestling Academy. He trained there mainly under Rudy Gonzalez. Shawn Michaels, though a legend in the ring, was admittedly not able to transfer his knowledge to his students. Some of the other students of the academy included Brian Kendrick(who Bryan had his first match with), Paul London, and Lance Cade.

Bryan signed to WWE and joined their then developmental territory Memphis Championship wrestling in 2000. Here, he was trained by William Regal, who Bryan has credited for learning most of what he did in his career. Unfortunately, Bryan was released from his contract in 2001 after WWE severed their ties with Memphis Championship Wrestling.

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He then went on to Japan and even had a few more try outs with WWE as an enhancement talent. In 2002, the Ring Of Honor era began for Daniel Bryan, who was then known by his real name, Bryan Danielson. Acknowledged as one of the founding fatehrs of ROH, for the next nine years, Bryan would stick with the company, earning his reputation on the independent wrestling scene as one of the hottest talents. In 2005, Bryan won the ROH World Championship, which he would go on to hold for an outstanding 462 days. One of the things that made the ROH World title so prestigious was that majority of the people holding them held them for very lengthy tenures, adding more value to when the title did change hands. Bryan went on to cement his legacy as one of the greatest ROH World Champions till date

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However, ROH was not the only place on the indies that Bryan made his name. He traveled the world and wrestled in various promotions, making a huge name for himself.

He made his inevitable return to WWE, first as part of FCW, and then part of the first season of NXT, when it was a game show competition. He was eliminated fairly quickly, but he did come back and joined the main roster briefly as part of The Nexus in the beginning of the angle. However, he was fired for choking Justin Roberts too hard with a neck tie. Due to popular demand, he came back within a few months, joining John Cena's team against The Nexus.

Since then, his journey in WWE was something of a fairytale, with him even reaching the top of the mountain at one point at Wrestlemania XXX. Although he was only with WWE for a few years, his impact cannot be understated, and the current revolution that WWE is going through, moving away from pushing only guys with a certain look can definitely be credited to Bryan and CM Punk, among others.

Last year after May he suffered another concussion and he was on the shelf. He had been cleared by multiple doctors and was very anxious to return. However, one important advanced test forced Vince McMahon to call him and tell him that he had to retire. Thankfully the timing allowed Bryan to say goodbye in his home state of Washington.

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Bryan was supposed to attend Arizona State University post-retirement to study, but WWE had given him a call and told him he was going to be Smackdown Live General Manager. There was no ifs or buts about it, as he was and technically still is under contract until 2018.

The question is, from his WWE tenure, what has his Net Worth amounted to, and what are his earnings as per his WWE contract?

The Richest reported that The American Dragon’s Net Worth is estimated to be, $2 Million.

Daniel Bryan net worth – $2 million

His wife Brie Bella has an estimated Net Worth of $1.7 Million, making their total Net Worth $3.7 Million.

According to totalsportek.com, Bryan earns an estimated $700,000 per year from his WWE contract. The number was updated around the time he retired so it is unclear whether there were any alterations in his contract, but it is presumably not the case as he is still signed to the same talent contract.

In 2012, The Richest reported that Bryan’s salary was $620,000 per year. However, the two years following that was when his status in the company shot up significantly.

Bryan said that he still considers breaking his contract and going out and wrestling on the Independent circuit. However, he is now a father-to-be with Brie Bella who recently announced she was pregnant, so he has publicly said that for his family he would not return to the ring and risk his life.

It looks like, for at least the next two years, Bryan will be the General Manager of Smackdown Live. It is only then when he can decide if he wants to renew his contract or potentially wrestle again.

Let's compare his Net Worth to the closest people in his life

Name of Wrestler Net Worth

John Cena $35 Million

Brie Bella $1.7 Million

Nikki Bella $4 Million

Daniel Bryan's House

Bryan and Brie brought a house together in 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona which is documented on Total Divas. At first, the couple had trouble as they both wanted completely different things. Brie wanted almost every nook and corner of the house changed, while Bryan was ok with most it, and just wanted some different painting. However, they eventually came to a resolve.


In the first and most recent season of Total Bellas, Bryan and Brie Bella moved into John Cena and Nikki Bella's house in Tampa along with the Bella Twins mother and sister(and John Laurinaitis) to help deal with Nikki's neck injury that she has now recovered from. Season 2 of Total Bellas is going to feature John Cena and Nikki Bella moving into Bryan and Brie's house to help Brie through her pregnancy. That should be even more interesting to see how Cena and Nikki adapt to the lifestyle of Bryan and Brie.

Bryan has always been an advocate for the simpler things in life along with Brie. That is perhaps the reason that they chose to get a smaller house. Bryan's childhood home in Aberdeen, Washington was a reasonably normal sized house as well, and neither did the Bella Twins grow up in great wealth. However, Nikki and Cena choose to enjoy the finer things in life and live almost a polar opposite lifestyle to Brie and Bryan, who are admittedly more of the "hippie" kind(without the drugs).

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