Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar is the ultimate David vs Goliath Story

Bryan and Lesnar will meet at Survivor Series!
Bryan and Lesnar will meet at Survivor Series!
Aviral Shukla

Daniel Bryan is once again back on the top of the WWE's Food Chain.

The leader of the Yes movement! was cleared to return to in-ring competition after being retired for two years due to concussion-related issues. It was a long road for him as he made his long-awaited return to the WWE at WrestleMania 34, teaming up with Shane Mcmahon.

Throughout his comeback, Daniel Bryan has faced Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, The Miz and "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles. Daniel Bryan wrestled his first singles match on SmackDown against the phenomenal one but little did anybody knew that these two will go on to face each other for the WWE's most coveted championship.

The feud began when Bryan defeated The Miz at Super Show-Down in the Australian Continent for an opportunity to challenge Styles at 'Crown Jewel' for the WWE Title.

But a certain political event led to Daniel Bryan reportedly refusing to go to Saudi Arabia and the match was made for Smackdown Live, one week prior to the event. AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan wrestled a gruelling contest that saw both guys throwing every possible move at each other to put away the other end.

The conclusion of the match came when both guys locked each other in their respective submission maneuvres. Styles gained the upper hand and was able to temporarily blind Bryan with a Pele kick. AJ then went to the ringside to set up his "Phenomenal Forearm" but Bryan moved and AJ went flying, bumping into the referee.

Bryan took the advantage of the situation and low-blowed AJ Styles and followed up by delivering his finishing manoeuvre, the flying knee, defeating Styles to become the new WWE Champion and is now moving on to tonight's Survivor Series ppv to go one-on-one with the WWE Universal Champion, the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar.

Every iconic Survivor Series event in history has had its emotional hook. With Lesnar and Bryan, it would be all about Bryan's journey to hell and back, under the gaze of the tried and true fable of “David vs Goliath”.

Daniel Bryan is everything you need from the main event babyface. Bryan’s polarizing 2014 and his triumphant return to WWE this would work in unison to create a tale that encompasses a total package-like storyline. In Bryan, you have real-life success and tragedy interwoven through a WWE character that is beloved by all.

From his “breaking the mould” victory at Wrestlemania 30 to the loss of his father whilst on the road, Daniel Bryan has become the ultimate babyface vehicle that tugs on the heartstrings of all segments of the audience.

The only obstacle left to conquer for Daniel Bryan…is “The Conqueror” himself. The unstoppable Brock Lesnar, the WWE Universal Champion and the man who ended the Undertaker’s Streak at Wrestlemania 30. This personifies all the struggles that Bryan has faced personally and professionally leading to this main event.

From the uncanny size difference between the two to the natural bully mentality of the Champion, the inclusion of Brock Lesnar in this “Road to Redemption” tale emphasizes the metaphorical undertones of the story even further.

Throw in Lesnar’s destructive nature into the mix and put it up against Bryan’s cavalcade of injuries and you have an antagonist that forces the audience to ask themselves “does our hero really have what it takes to overcome this final challenge?”.

The icing on this potentially incredible cake is what we all want to see from our Survivor Series main events: excellent wrestling. Bryan and Lesnar possess the track record and the pedigree to put on, quite possibly, the greatest “David vs Goliath” contest in the history of the industry.

Not only that, but Bryan vs Lesnar remains one of the last true “dream matches” that fans around the world would clamour to see. When it comes down to it, we are all pro-wrestling fans at heart before being avid story lovers.

When you combine an emotional tale and potential technical mastery with certified box-office potential, one can’t go past Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series. Politics and predictable WWE booking strategies aside, both performers have the character, the history and the experience to stand above any other candidate for WWE’s big dance.

This encounter is a guaranteed show-stealer, It’s got the cross-promotional appeal and it will send the WWE Universe home happy no matter the outcome.

As the event inches closer, it’s time to get realistic…Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar is the true "David vs Goliath" story.

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