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Opinion: Did Daniel Bryan handle Brock Lesnar better than AJ Styles?

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Bryan almost ended Brock Lesnar's solid run

Even in loss, Daniel Bryan certainly gave the crowd at The Staples Center something to remember about Survivor Series 2018. In what seemed like just another Brock Lesnar match, things eventually turned around for DB. Accidentally being thrown into the ref, Bryan takes advantage of the situation with a low blow.

He then does the running high knee and tries to secure the victory the exact same way he won the WWE Championship. This, of course, gets everyone into the match. What we thought was going to be a squash match actually ended up being one of the highlights of the night.

He wouldn't stop there, eventually giving another running high knee to Lesnar. Bryan also tried the Yes! Lock on multiple occasions. This was the first time in a long time that we've seen the panic in the eyes of The Beast Incarnate. To no surprise, WWE has made Daniel Bryan look like more of a monster than Braun Strowman against The Beast. Strowman got squashed at Crown Jewel.

Bryan solidified why he is one of the greatest of all time

But that's beside the point. Someone pushed Brock to his limit similar to this last year at Survivor Series 2017. The Phenomenal AJ Styles went to war with Lesnar last year and it's something that the fans have yet to forget.

It was expected that AJ would give Brock a run for his money. The same can be said for Bryan as well, especially with his new heel turn. Because the heel turn was still fresh, it added something different to the match. Instead of having the same old story with the plucky babyface, it was definitely refreshing to see someone try to win at all costs.

The question here is, did Daniel Bryan push Brock to a higher limit than AJ? I'm sure you'll have a blast watching those two matches back to back to find out.

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