Does Vince McMahon still own John Cena's name?

Vince McMahon has made a lot of money using John Cena's name
Vince McMahon has made a lot of money using John Cena's name

John Cena was WWE's top name for over a decade before becoming a major Hollywood star. It can be said that he is arguably the biggest wrestler-turned-actor - behind only Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock.

The Rock didn't use his birth name in WWE. However, the leader of Cenation has used his real name as his 'ring name' from the very beginning of his tenure on the main roster.

For those who may not know? WWE holds the rights to the names that they have made famous. For example, the name 'Xavier Woods' is WWE's intellectual property and cannot be used elsewhere, say AEW.

So what happens to the wrestlers using their real name like John Cena? Does Vince McMahon still own the Dr. of Thuganomics' actual name?

The answer is yes. John Cena has publicly confirmed that WWE owns the rights to his name. Accordingly, a certain part of the current Hollywood star's income also goes to WWE.

Unlike John Cena, some popular wrestlers were able to protect the rights to their ring names. Stars like Chris Jericho, CM Punk, and Cody Rhodes are among the wrestlers using their WWE ring names in other wrestling promotions.

What does John Cena think about Vince McMahon still owning his name?

While speaking on the Howard Stern Show in 2006, the former world champion discussed his thoughts about Vince McMahon still owning the rights to his real name. When asked if he was bothered about sharing his income with WWE, the former 16-time World Champion replied, "Absolutely not."

"Before this, I was a kid in a small Massachusetts town mowing lawns for a golf course. I don’t mind kicking a percentage of my earnings to the person who gave me a chance and an opportunity." said Cena.

John Cena is one of the stars who have always tried to give back to the wrestling business. He is always ready to put over newer talent by losing to them in big matches. Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, and The Miz are prime examples.

He helps a lot of charities and NGOs, particularly the Make-A-Wish foundation. Thus proving that he is a hero in real life - much like his onscreen character. Hopefully, fans will see their favorite star return to WWE very soon.

When will we see John Cena in a WWE ring again? Offer your thoughts in the comments section!

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