Dominik Mysterio's worst nightmare & more - 3 reasons why Jey Uso should approach Rhea Ripley for an alliance

Could Jey Uso replace Dominik Mysterio as Rhea Ripley
Could Jey Uso replace Dominik Mysterio as Rhea Ripley's ally on WWE RAW? Let's find out [Image source: Ripley's Instagram and]

This week's episode of WWE RAW saw Liv Morgan kiss Dominik Mysterio after he accidentally helped her retain the Women's World Championship. The controversial incident raised questions over Dominik's loyalty and the future of his on-screen relationship with Rhea Ripley.

We can see Mami break up with "Dirty" Dom when she returns, furious about his actions. With Dominik possibly out of the picture, Triple H could replace him with a top babyface who has a history with Rhea Ripley in WWE.

Here, we look at three reasons Jey Uso should seek an alliance with Rhea Ripley after Dominik Mysterio's betrayal.

#1 Jey Uso's past interactions with Rhea Ripley

Jey Uso has never shied away from openly flirting with Rhea Ripley. The two superstars have crossed paths while Jey was in The Bloodline and after he left the group, both times feuding with The Judgment Day. However, his dislike for the villainous group did not apply to Rhea Ripley.

From cheeky hellos to not-so-subtle "we all missed you," Jey Uso has always displayed a soft corner for Ripley. Now that Dominik Mysterio could be out of the picture, we may see Jey seek an alliance with Mami, allowing the creative team to capitalize on their chemistry.

#2 The Judgment Day's potential breakup

The Judgment Day has barely had the same success with Damian Priest in charge, as much as they did when Rhea Ripley held the reins. The growing tension among the group members, in addition to Liv Morgan's secret meetings with Dominik Mysterio, Finn Balor, and JD McDonagh, hint at the group's potential implosion in the future.

Thus, Rhea Ripley may find no allies in The Judgment Day, especially if Dominik Mysterio gets involved in a romantic angle with Liv Morgan. We may eventually see Mami reject all proposals for an alliance until she changes her mind about Jey Uso. This would create an interesting new dynamic in the storylines involving all the abovementioned superstars.

#3 Top babyfaces team up against Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio

Jey Uso recently challenged Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship but couldn't dethrone the champion. The title picture is currently packed, and Jey may have to stay at the back of the line. However, he still remains one of the biggest babyfaces on WWE RAW.

The creative team could find a way to insert him into one of the most compelling storylines once Rhea Ripley returns. Both Jey and Mami could be an iconic babyface duo on the red brand, especially if they join forces to take on Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio.

Besides, the crowd's reaction to Jey and Dominik is on opposite ends of the spectrum. While one is universally loved, the other is loudly booed. Even the most basic interactions during a full-blown feud could make for entertaining television.