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Dustin Rhodes reveals who he thinks is the next big thing in wrestling (Exclusive)

Gary Cassidy
Published Dec 03, 2019
Dec 03, 2019 IST

Dustin Rhodes has revealed who he believes is the future of AEW
Dustin Rhodes has revealed who he believes is the future of AEW

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with former WCW United States Champion Dustin Rhodes on the latest episode of Dropkick DiSKussions, where we spoke all about Rhodes' current role with AEW among other things. I had to ask, with Rhodes currently working both as a performer and coaching talent backstage, who he believes is the next big thing in professional wrestling.

I like a lot of people. I like just about everybody. We have such a good group of kids, but I mean, if you're looking around in our locker room in All Elite, you've got...
Oh, man, a new up-and-comer, who not a lot of people know and they are starting to get to know now is MJF. He is really something special on the mic, and we haven't seen too much of his ring ability yet but he's good. He's really good. I like his style.
Unfortunately he stabbed my brother in the back so I take that kind of personal when you're messing with family - but as far as him being something special and big in this business, I think he's going to be. 

And it would seem that MJF is a popular choice among some of wrestling's biggest names to be a star. I recently asked Diamond Dallas Page the same question.

He's my pick for the hottest up-and-coming guy in 2020. You know, I think that he's got a lot of natural ability.
Being able to do the moves and the high spots, and the big oohs and ahhs, that's definitely what wrestling is about today but who can grab and captivate the people with their charisma, a la Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Steve Austin, the Rock... DDP! You know, whatever, to grab the people and make them react. That's what MJF has.

The WWE Hall of Famer would go on to say he's put MJF under his wing, but delivered a warning at the same time.

He's just another guy that I put under my wing a little bit because when I see someone who wants it as bad as he does, but is willing to put the work in, that's the part that's pivotal to me.
I couldn't say enough good things about the kid. As long as he can keep his feet on the ground as he's reaching for the stars, the world is his oyster, literally. Never believe your own hype because that p****s people off.

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