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Early prediction: 4 reasons why Triple H will defeat Batista at WrestleMania 35

Rahul Singh
23.70K   //    16 Mar 2019, 15:06 IST

Who do you want to win?
Who do you want to win?

From a tense reminder at SmackDown 1000 that The King of Kings had never defeated the Animal, to a more recent image with the fallen Ric Flair on his birthday at RAW before asking Triple H if he had his attention, Batista has shown he knows how to leave a lasting impression. This rivalry is on. Triple H has answered that Batista has his attention, and he wants to fight the Animal, and he wants to fight him with No Holds Barred.

These two men are well past their prime, but still, expect them to put on a great spectacle with some added stipulation and drama. Also, expect the King of Kings to go over the Animal at New York.

In this article, we present 4 reasons why Triple H will defeat Batista at WrestleMania 35.

#4 Triple H has never beaten Batista

Late last year, Triple H and The Undertaker battled it out in Australia. In what was then billed as the ‘last time’ fans would get to see this super showdown, Triple H and The Undertaker cut some personal promos, also reminding everyone that the Game had never beaten the Deadman. Well, Triple H did beat The Undertaker then, getting the burden off his back, including three ‘Mania losses.

At Smackdown 1000, Evolution made a ‘one night only’ return to WWE. The reunion was fabulous, but a moment in this plethora of moments was simply surreal. That momentary stare-down between Triple H and Batista when the latter reminded the former that he had never ever beaten him one-on-one inside a WWE ring.

Do the two storylines have something in common? Triple H and his inability to beat his opponent. Then, he got one over The Undertaker; now, we won’t be surprised if he finally gets one over the Animal.

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