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Edge reveals a historic achievement he made with WWE return in 2020

  • Edge detailed the process of his in-ring return, including getting back into physical shape.
  • Edge also made a historic accomplishment with his return.
Rohit Nath
Modified 23 Mar 2020, 19:30 IST

Edge on the March 16th episode of RAW
Edge on the March 16th episode of RAW

Edge's return to WWE in-ring competition in 2020 is something that remains surreal nearly two months on. We can only imagine that the same applies to him to a much larger extent.

The fact that he managed to come out of Triple-Fusion neck surgery and still make his comeback is outstanding - perhaps even crazier than Daniel Bryan's in-ring return in 2018.

There were many questions to be asked to The Rated-R Superstar and in a recent WWE Telephone Conference, Edge detailed the process of getting back into the ring:

I had to very quickly wrap my mind around the idea that WWE and wrestling was done for me in 2011. If I didn't wrap my mind around that, if I didn't accept what everyone told me - 'you can't do this', I think it would have been very unhealthy, so I needed very quickly to find things to do and to move on with life and try and really just close and finish off that chapter. The book was still continuing, but that chapter was done.

He said that the big challenge for him was to become the first person in sports entertainment to return from triple-fusion neck surgery. As it turns out, it was a success:

So as the years passed and I was feeling really good and I started putting the work in that I thought would be needed to come back and to go through the whole process of coming back and getting a clearance to come back, it was such a challenge for me and I thrive on challenges, so then it became the challenge to get back and do something that no one has ever done before in any sport or any form of entertainment - come back from triple-fusion neck surgery.

After that, he explained when the entire process became 'real' to him and stated that he's excited to get in the ring with a new crop of talent - one that's completely different from the one he was a part of:

So that challenge got me through and once I got back into the fold, then, again, that night at the Royal Rumble - that's when it all started becoming real.

We're excited to see what the possibility of Edge's return run can bring. We'd imagine that WWE will try to run Roman Reigns vs Edge at some point after teasing it in the Royal Rumble 2020. That's just one of many exciting matches waiting for him over the next three years.


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Published 23 Mar 2020, 19:30 IST
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