Exclusive: Dinesh Kumar talks having a WWE video featured on him, learning from The Great Khali, and more

Dinesh Kumar is a former CWE Champion
Dinesh Kumar is a former CWE Champion
Aryan Tiwari
Modified 08 Aug 2020

We had the pleasure of interviewing former Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) Champion Dinesh Kumar earlier this week. In the telephone interview, Dinesh Kumar talks about having a WWE video featuring him, working with The Great Khali, his WWE tryouts, and much more. The entire conversation has been transcribed below for your reading pleasure. So without further ado, let us begin.

First of all, thank you for joining us today.

Dinesh Kumar: Thank you for having me.

Coming straight to the questions, which wrestler/s inspired you to become one?

Dinesh Kumar: I have been watching WWE since childhood. I have been a big fan of The Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero, and never missed any of their matches. Then, when I saw the 7-foot-1 man, The Great Khali, from our country India making his debut in the WWE, It had a massive impact on me, and I was so happy to see an Indian guy performing in that ring, destroying each and every Superstar there. That was the time I made my decision. My vision was clear: "Yes, that's the stage. I want to be there and I will be there."

Well, we all love The Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero. You have been part of a couple of WWE tryouts. How was that experience?

Dinesh Kumar (second from left) at the 2017 WWE Tryouts in Dubai
Dinesh Kumar (second from left) at the 2017 WWE Tryouts in Dubai

Dinesh Kumar: WWE tryouts is one of the best things I have experienced in my life. I have worked hard to be there. I was a little nervous in those tryouts, especially my first tryout, which was in Dubai. But also, I was proud of myself as I was representing my country among the other tryout attendees. I gave my best, and I'm still working hard, and one day I will achieve my goal.

We hope that we see you in a WWE ring soon. Coming to WWE, how did it feel to have WWE post a video on their YouTube channel featuring you?

Dinesh Kumar: It was an OMG moment for me. I watched my video at least 100 times, thinking that I didn't make any mistakes in those 40 consecutive rolls.

I have talked to many Indian wrestlers, and they have been quite optimistic the WWE possibly coming to the subcontinent with NXT India. Do you share the same sentiment?

Dinesh Kumar: I sure do! Actually, I'm eagerly waiting for WWE to come here, in the Indian Subcontinent. You know many Indian pro wrestlers are doing a lot of hard work but still suffering and struggling because there are very few indie wrestling companies in India. Many wrestlers want to perform outside, but it is expensive, and many wrestlers cannot afford it. But the opening of WWE NXT India will surely benefit the Indian wrestlers as every pro wrestler will have more opportunities to be a part of WWE and perform on their global platform.

Dinesh Kumar also discussed training with The Great Khali

You have been associated with CWE, a wrestling school-come-promotion led by The Great Khali, for quite some time now. What kind of an experience has it been learning from the former World Heavyweight Champion?

Dinesh Kumar with The Great Khali
Dinesh Kumar with The Great Khali

Dinesh Kumar: Learning and working with The Great Khali has been quite an experience. He is a great person. Even though he is a big celebrity, he always takes out time from his busy schedule and visits the CWE Academy, training the wrestling students there. When he is teaching, he carefully watches one's work and even catches small mistakes real quick. Learning wrestling and working with him is really an honor for me. I have learned a lot from him.

The wrestling industry, in its entirety, has been severely affected by the spread of the COVID-19 virus. How have you been working on yourself amidst the global pandemic?

Dinesh Kumar: Well, this global pandemic has really destroyed a lot of plans. I feel bad that more than half of the year is down the drain, but right now, the most important thing is that we should follow all the government rules, whether it's related to safety or work. Being a workout and gym lover, I haven't stopped my workout, but I do exercises at my home now. I do yoga daily, especially meditation, for a calm mind. Not only does it help me in staying away from negativity, but it also is responsible for my strong immunity.

Every individual in the world is affected by this COVID-19, but we should fight back. When this pandemic is over, we have to bounce back stronger than before and be ready for a fresh start. I surely am prepared for it.

As we come to the end of this wonderful interview, some final words for your fans?

Dinesh Kumar: Hey, wrestling fans around the world, I want you all to be safe, please follow all the government rules during this pandemic, help each and every person in need, and spread awareness. Also, youngsters, please stay away from all sorts of intoxication, do regular exercises, and keep yourself fit. Be fit and healthy.

We would like to thank Dinesh Kumar for taking time out and joining us for this exclusive interview.

Published 08 Aug 2020
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