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Exclusive: SuperKick'd Pro Wrestling's Kris Chambers on "Zombie Wrestling" & more


Photo Courtesy: SuperKick
Photo Courtesy: SuperKick'd Pro Wrestling

For decades, Canada has been one of the most influential countries within the world of professional wrestling thanks to exports like Stampede Wrestling, the Hart Family, Chris Jericho, Edge and Christian. The indies of Canada continue to thrive, and Superkick'd Pro Wrestling is a popular Toronto, Ontario-based promotion and wrestling school.

Quality matches aside, one of the things which makes Superkick'd Pro Wrestling stand out from other companies is its Zombie Wrestling series, which returns on October 24 and 25, 2019.

I had the pleasure of asking about that and plenty more to Kris Chambers from Superkick'd. More on Chambers and the overall company can be found online at

How would you describe Superkick'd Pro Wrestling to someone who hasn't yet attended one of your shows? 

Kris Chambers: Superkick’d is one of those things you have to experience live! With the action right in your face and all the interactions with the audience, it’s not just a wrestling event, it’s a rock show. You mind find yourself on the balcony for more distance approach. Then for the fearless, you can join the mosh pit ring side.

Any SuperKick'd Pro Wrestling talent who we fans may not realize has been part of the school or shows?

Kris Chambers: One of the most recognizable stars Superkick’d has had in the past is Aleister Black.

Word is that you have an upcoming live event featuring zombies. Can you tell me more about that?

Kris Chambers: Zombie Wrestling is an annual event that takes Pro Wrestling and mashes it up into a world where there is Zombies, Luchadores, Demons, and Clowns. The setting is in another realm, where everyone is in a fighting to the death.


Upcoming show aside, what is coming up for you and/or SuperKick'd Pro Wrestling?

Kris Chambers: After this month's back to back Zombie Wrestling events in Toronto on October 24 and 25, we will be hosting Rumble In The Dot on November 20 at The Great Hall in Toronto. Tickets area available at

SuperKick'd Pro Wrestling aside, is wrestling these days in the midst of a boom? Or about to hit a boom?

Kris Chambers: Wrestling has and always will be one of the greatest forms of entertainment! It’s just at this moment people are able to connect to more people and create new wrestling fans around the world.

Which wrestling companies do you regularly follow?

Kris Chambers: The one I follow is Superkick’d. Fully invested with our brand.

Who or what was it that first got you into wrestling?

Kris Chambers: One New Year's Eve when I was about 7 years old, my mother went out and left me with my grandma for the night. My mother thought it would be nice to let me rent a movie from the video store -- crazy that doesn’t really exist anymore -- and the one that caught my eye was the WrestleMania IV double VHS tape. After that it was elbow drops and every other move I could imitate.

Wrestling aside, where does your free time usually go?

Kris Chambers: There isn’t much time away from wrestling, even when I’m physically away from wrestling, but family and friends is where it’s at for me.

Finally, Kris, any last words for the kids?

Kris Chambers: Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t do something.

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