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Fantasy booking a possible Team Corbin vs Team Angle match at Survivor Series

Divesh Merani
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The seeds have been planted for this one.
The seeds have been planted for this one.

Survivor Series this year seems to be heading in a different direction than the brand warfare we have seen in the past couple of years. As entertaining as it was, maybe a year away from it could be good for the concept. If indeed that's what's happening, WWE can now focus on current stories and build to the November pay-per-view. One such story that would be perfect for Survivor Series is the one between Baron Corbin and Kurt Angle.

Angle was sent on a temporary leave from being the general manager of Raw and was replaced by the Constable, Baron Corbin. After a month and a half, the Olympic Hero has returned and will likely wrestle much more often now. He won the World Cup Qualifying Global Battle Royal made by Corbin, disguising himself as the Conquistador. This has furthered the feud between the current and former general managers of the Red brand.

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The most likely and logical place to settle this is Survivor Series, with both Angle and Corbin captaining their respective 5-man teams and the winning captain becoming the permanent GM of Raw. It makes perfect sense, as we have already seen various interactions featuring face members of the roster and Corbin. It's not like the power of authority has not been decided in a 5-on-5 Survivor Series match before. 2003 and 2014 spring to mind as two of the greatest traditional Survivor Series matches in WWE history.

Could Team Angle vs Team Corbin follow that same suit? This is a realistic attempt in doing so. 

Members of each team

This feud will carry on in this match.
This feud will carry on in this match.

Team Corbin

Obviously, Baron Corbin is the captain of this team. He will be joined by his fellow heels, and who better heels to join him than the three biggest heels on Raw? Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler have joined forces to try and take out the Shield. As a result, they are now in the good books of the acting Raw general manager.

They will no doubt be picked to be on the team, especially after the extremely strong booking they have been receiving. They beat the Hounds of Justice this week on Raw and have the Raw Tag Team Championship to them.

The final member on Team Corbin would be Elias. He has been a heat magnet in recent weeks, insulting local sports teams and gaining heavy boos as a result. The Drifter even performed alongside Corbin at one point, ahead of a tag team match. He rounds off a pretty strong team, with some really big men on board.


Team Angle

While there is a possibility of him standing at ringside to cheer his handpicked team on, Kurt Angle has been rumoured to be coming back full-time, so he obviously is the captain. There is a pretty star-studded line of babyfaces who would join the Hall of Famer in battle against the evil squad assembled by Corbin.

Angle made his WWE in-ring return 12 months ago at TLC, as a de-facto member of the Shield. Therefore it would only make sense that they help him out. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose all fit in perfectly for a couple of reasons. They are currently in a blood feud with the Dogs of War, who are on the heel team. Also, need we remember that they are the Hounds of Justice?

Another superstar who would fit right in against the evil authority figure-assembled team is Finn Balor. He had a never-ending feud with Corbin and could really do with something useful to sink his teeth into. This five-man team could go down in history as one of the most star-studded teams in Survivor Series history.

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