Fantasy Booking: How Brock Lesnar can win both the WWE Universal Championship and the WWE Championship at Super ShowDown

  • While this move would certainly get a lot of flak from the WWE Universe, it could help WWE boost ratings!
Karan Bedi
Modified 01 Apr 2020, 17:29 IST

In WWE, anything can happen
In WWE, anything can happen

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No, what you're seeing in the picture above is true. Oh, It's true. It's damn true! Ever since Brock Lesnar won the 2019 Money in the Bank ladder match, he's been threatening to cash it in each week on WWE Raw this past few weeks. But he hasn't done it as of yet. While most WWE fans may shudder at the thought of him winning both titles, allow me to explain.

Now, why in the world would Vince McMahon want to put both the men's championships on a man who has a love-hate relationship with the WWE Universe? Simply put, Brock Lesnar is possibly the best heel in the company right now. He doesn't watch the show, is only there for a paycheck and knows how to perfectly troll the WWE fans by simply smiling. It's almost perfect.

How would Brock Lesnar be able to win both championships on the same night? There are numerous ways that this could happen. And it may not even make sense. Imagine this! There is a 50-man Battle Royal earlier in the night. Now, the last man who won the same event was at the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble last year and Braun Strowman won a green belt. Now, while that certainly boosted Strowman, the battle royal didn't mean much.

Instead of it being a throwaway, give the winner a shot at the WWE Champion or the WWE Universal Champion. Brock Lesnar could be #50 and eliminate the last man and win the whole thing. He could challenge Kofi Kingston, assuming he beats Dolph Ziggler, and then take the WWE Championship.

The same thing could be repeated at the end of the night once Seth Rollins is done with his match. Again, this seems like lazy booking. I disagree with this. It actually draws Brock Lesnar more heat than ever before. While some fans may get turned off by this, it actually might boost ratings for WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown, considering the existence of the Wildcard rule.

In support of the ratings argument, ratings did rise when Brock Lesnar was on the show, for at least a couple of weeks. So, will it happen? I don't really know. I just feel that WWE has to do something out of the left field to get people to tune into WWE Monday Night Raw.

So, I might be crazy and you may be right. But don't get mad when you see the hashtag #Brock2Belts trending. As Sting used to say, "Nothing's for sure."

Published 07 Jun 2019, 01:27 IST
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