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Fastlane Review - Moving on with the Roman Empire.

2.42K   //    23 Feb 2015, 13:20 IST
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On his way to WM 31 main-event

It isn’t an easy journey but nothing worthwhile ever came out of an easy journey. Roman Reigns’ Road to Wrestlemania began much like Batista’s journey last year and it looked like another epic fail on the part of the WWE. It wasn’t a hate for Reigns, but for what he symbolized and that was being handpicked to main event because of his looks despite his minimal wrestling experience. It was symbolic of how so many worked for the WWE with everything they’ve got and are much credible to get that sort of main event opportunity, but they don’t.

But Reigns is still young. He maybe the next John Cena in terms of the baton being passed and in terms of the polarizing reactions he gets. But at the end of the day he is getting a lot of reactions.

The Fallout

On Sunday, at Fast Lane, Reigns worked his best main event so far as a singles performer. He defeated Daniel Bryan and that was clear from the beginning. It was clear that the 29 year old was going to win. It was clear that Daniel Bryan won’t repeat the legend of the 2014 Road To Wrestlemania. He’s been there done that. It was time for a new era to dawn upon the WWE and slowly but steadily after CancelWWENetwork trended worldwide, the crowd and the audience online and at home was understanding the bigger point and as weeks passed by and even though he gets divisive reactions, one had to admit that he was improving and he was working hard to step up to his detractors. He amped up his game in the ring, and for once he wasn’t given ample amount of mic time.

To Reigns credit

The points that lie in Reigns’ corner is that he’s young and if he gets to be a champion, more younger superstars will eye the title and will be given the opportunity to fight for it. That may also symbolize less part time superstars in the main event. That also may mean that more younger superstars will be given the ball. After all, there has to be a credible opponent for Reigns and to make WWE worth watching there has to be a feud one cares about.

At Fast Lane, Roman Reigns made the most of the ample time given to perform. Credit goes to the top performer he was facing. He was facing one of the greatest of all time and one of the best in-ring performers in Daniel Bryan. The man of the Yes Movement is a trustworthy competitor to any of his opponents. He’s extracted best matches out of all of his opponents. One of the first best matches Bray Wyatt had was against him.

The Lurking Doubt

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The beast in waiting!

He made Reigns look good and credible. But as Steve Austin himself worries, the question is if he’ll look equally good or better against Lesnar. Anything less than that will be underwhelming and least memorable. Lesnar is an unstoppable force, a beat incarnate and he’s gone from being the Next Big Thing to The Big Thing.

But he may not be as good a technician as Daniel Bryan is. Reigns looking good would also majorly depend on how much Lesnar makes him look good and the doubt is if Lesnar can do that.

The next move forward is to obviously make Reigns look minute in front of the behemoth that Lesnar is and Heyman can do exactly that and for the master storyteller that Heyman is, he may just make us believe in Roman Reigns, once and for all. 

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