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4 Feuds that have defined WWE over the last 30 years

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Some feuds are big enough to leave an everlasting impact!

Sports entertainment has always been based on conflict. Whether over championships or personal matters, certain rivalries come to mind when recalling bygone eras. These stories are passed down through generations, in the same way, accomplishments of athletes are, in other spectrums.

These feuds have become synonymous with WWE and in this piece, we shall look at the feuds that, I believe, defined each era of the past 35 years.

#1 Golden Age/Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Era (1980s-90) – Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage

WWE’s two biggest stars of the ‘80s were also involved in WWE’s biggest feud of the ‘80s 

Two of the biggest superstars in WWE during the 1980s were, undoubtedly, Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. Almost any discussion of WWE during this time begins with the mention of these two men.

The ones that don’t begin with them, don’t get far before mentioning them. While Hogan had several legendary feuds throughout the 1980s with several notable challengers represented by some of wrestling’s most notorious managers, none surpass his clash with the man who would constantly be at odds with him for the duration of his career.

Some contend that Hogan’s feud with Andre the Giant compares, or is even greater, but after WrestleMania III it simmered down, only coming to the forefront on rare occasions, when their paths crossed. Furthermore, some argue that Andre was more of a weapon used by Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, in their respective feuds with Hogan.

Meanwhile, the feud with Savage was always at the forefront and is full of far more twists and turns. The story is a classic scenario of two friends torn apart by jealousy and paranoia, centred around a woman and a position of power (or in this case a championship.)

These two men were the focus of WWE both together as the Mega Powers and individually as rivals. Hogan, as he typically did throughout his career, triumphed over Savage for the WWE Championship. Hogan was victorious in nearly every major encounter with Savage after WrestleMania V, before the feud concluded in late February 1990.

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