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Finally, The WWE has a true championship division

9.01K   //    21 Aug 2015, 16:44 IST
The grand prize

John Cena’s broken, err shattered, nose might have been the best thing to happen to the WWE in quite some time.

While the company waited to see if the “saviour” would be healed enough to compete at SummerSlam – which he is and will try to claim the WWE World Title for his 16th title reign, it opened the door for others to contend for the title – without having to face Seth Rollins directly.

It’s a complicated process of sorts that fell into place on the television screen the past few weeks. With Cena on the mend, a true world title division formed right before everyone’s eyes.

There was a Triple Threat Match between Randy Orton, Cesaro and Kevin Owens, which Orton won to become the No. 1 contender for the belt. This was done in case Cena wasn’t ready for Sunday night. Orton and Rollins put on a show at WrestleMania and have had some of the best matches in the company this year. The Cesaro/Owens rivalry is now pretty hot and both competitors are still on the outer edge of the main event, ready to step in at a moment’s notice.

Cena and Rollins co-headline SummerSlam and as a consolation, Orton continues his fight with Sheamus, which has produced some good matches, but it doesn’t get anyone jazzed at all, mainly because we have all seen it before.

Whatever the ending of the WWE World Title match, there will plenty of discussion about what happens next. The plan, as rumored across the Internet, is both men are part of a longer program, which could take them to the TLC pay-per-view. I suspect Cena will hold the title at the end of the year.

Rollins will still be in the title picture, but now, Sheamus, who holds the Money in the Bank contract becomes a factor. Orton is still in the picture as well. But there are other factors to consider.

If Roman Reigns turns heel at SummerSlam, which is a strong possibility, it will be because the company, most notably Vince McMahon, has an eye on the former Shield member as the new face of the company, much like his cousin, The Rock so many years ago.

By virtue of being in the mix when Reigns turned on his good friend Dean Ambrose, the former United States Champion may get main event attention. So there are now eight wrestlers who are breathing fire with an eye on the championship, but we haven’t even discussed the huge elephant in the room.

What happens with Brock Lesnar?

By virtue of the fact his chance at regaining his title past month was interrupted by The Undertaker, should the former champion – who did not lose the title to begin with on two occasions now – have a chance to reclaim what is rightfully his?

This sure seems like a page out of the old NWA where there was a list of actual contenders for the World Heavyweight Title and the current title holder faced them at one point or another. Personally, I kind of like it. Who would have thought that the WWE World Title would actually have some value since the company has made Cena and the United States Title an even more valued belt since WrestleMania?

All of this sets up nicely for the final four pay-per-view events, where we really have no idea what will happen. Let’s get through this weekend. Let’s see who is left standing when the smoke clears. Then, we will see if any of this makes sense. Of course, it won’t, mainly because this is wrestling in the WWE – the promotion that proves every day is a circus and nothing is the same from minute to minute under the big top.

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