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Five Recent Scenarios Where Promos Prologue WWE Matches

Sarah Hirsch
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Fans look forward to what these three have to say

Cutting a promo is almost a must in WWE.  Promos are essential in pushing the storyline forward and drive a point for it.  Many times when promos are cut, it leads right into the match.  Back in the day, Superstars would be interviewed just before the match starts, getting the fans hyped up for the upcoming bout.

Degeneration X did it, as did the New Age Outlaws.  They were known for cutting a promo before their match and fans looked forward to it.  There were signature lines with other lines thrown into it.  They were never boring and were a great example of entertainment regardless if they were face or heel. 

For example, this past Monday on Raw, both Charlotte and Sasha Banks were interviewed prior to their match happening, and it promoted the importance of the match.  Or how about at Battleground when Enzo Amore shut the house down with his best promo yet? 

Often, when promos are cut on the opening segments of Raw, matches are “impromptu” when The Authority or someone else decides that match should happen, right now.  Another recent one would be WrestleMania 32 with Stephanie McMahon.

We’ve seen promos prologue matches throughout the years as well, and they do stand out over time.  Here are some examples.

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