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Five WWE injuries that make fans crack up

Injuries are part of the game, yet fans find some of them rather funny.

Top 5 / Top 10 06 Jul 2016, 19:33 IST
Injuries are always a misfortune

When an injury happens to anyone it is never welcomed and sometimes it can be devastating. However what comes along with the injuries are those on the outside that get a laugh out of it. 

For example, I remember in middle school, I think I was walking to gym class; I had tripped over something and fell really hard. I twisted my ankle and bruised my knee. Of course, the whole grade was out there and just mercilessly laughed at me. Long story short, my Taurus temper got the best of me, resulting in the school calling my parents.

My point is that injuries are more than pain. It’s emotionally infuriating and so I’m sure those who suffered the injury aren’t pleased about the reaction. Sometimes the unfortunate injuries and those who suffered them are the butt of jokes constantly. 

The Superstars are on a grand scale if you will, so I am sure they constantly are annoyed at the jokes. I’m also pretty sure if the shoe was on the other foot, it wouldn’t be so funny after all. But it doesn’t stop fans from making light of the subjects. Everyone has seen the memes and jokes online for months, maybe years now. 

What are some of the injuries fans make fun of?  Let’s find out

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