"Forbidden door" trade, Loser leaves WWE match & more - 3 ways Triple H can write Ricochet off RAW

The 35-year old is reportedly set to leave WWE [Images from WWE.com]
The 35-year old is reportedly set to leave WWE [Images from WWE.com]

Ricochet has been the talk of the pro-wrestling world since it was reported late last week that he might be leaving WWE. Multiple outlets have claimed that the 35-year-old high-flier's contract will expire this summer, and he has seemingly informed his current employers of his intention to exit the company.

This news has set the internet wrestling community abuzz, generating speculation over where he could go next, potential dream matches, and more. No official communication has been disseminated regarding the matter, but if the RAW Superstar is indeed leaving, he will have to be written off WWE programming.

Having already lost the Speed Championship (spoiler alert!), here are four ways Ricochet can be written off the promotion's weekly shows by Triple H and company:

#3. A historic "trade" between TNA and WWE

WWE recently began an on-screen working relationship with TNA. The reigning TNA Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace, has been the poster girl for this partnership. Grace competed in the Women's Royal Rumble Match earlier this year and had her first singles match in WWE at Battleground last night.

More stars from both companies are expected to cross that "forbidden door" going forward, which could provide an opportunity for a historic "trade."

Many fans feel that Ricochet would be booked better in TNA than in AEW, and if he feels the same, the former Speed Champion could have the most unique promotion crossover in history. Triple H could "trade" the former Intercontinental Champion to the Nashville-based promotion, generating lots of buzz for his arrival in the latter.

It would be a unique and historic sendoff to a talent that has given his all to the Stamford-based promotion but ultimately hit a ceiling.

#2. Ricochet could be written off in a "Loser leaves WWE" match

Over the past few weeks on WWE RAW, Ricochet has been involved with Ilja Dragunov and Bron Breakker. The former United States champion has enjoyed a different dynamic with each rival, cultivating a healthy rivalry with Dragunov out of mutual respect and fierce animosity with Breakker.

Dragunov, in particular, could be used to write off The One And Only from WWE TV. The former NXT Champion could defeat him in a "Loser leaves WWE" match. This would give the 35-year-old the chance to go out doing what he does best: putting on a show for the audience.

Such a sendoff in front of a hot crowd could make for a memorable moment similar to the farewells given to Edge and Daniel Bryan before they headed to AEW.

#1: Triple H could use a Bron Breakker attack to write Ricochet off WWE Television

While Ilja Dragunov would be the best option to send Ricochet off respectfully, Bron Breakker would arguably be the best option to do it impactfully. The Big Bad Booty Nephew has been on a rampage lately, unleashing unbridled aggression, which, combined with his freakish strength and speed, is a terrifying sight.

The 26-year-old has also carried his devastating habit of post-match attacks on opponents with steel steps from NXT, recently doing the same to enhancement talent Kale Dixon. It's not hard to see him attacking Ricochet during or after a match and using his most brutal tactic to write off the former Prince Puma.

Such a violent and memorable write-off seems to be the best course of action for WWE and the former NXT champion.

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