Former WWE champion to return after 1,017 days to exact revenge on Bobby Lashley? Exploring potential scenario 

Will Lahsley have a new enemy in The Royal Rumble?
Will Lashley have a new enemy in The Royal Rumble?

WWE has several options to pull off jaw-dropping surprises at the upcoming traditional Royal Rumble match, but there is only one man who could walk through that curtain and have the whole arena on his feet.

Bo Dallas hasn't been seen since April 2021 when he was released as part of a budget-cutting measure. While there were rumors that it was Dallas who was portraying Uncle Howdy throughout the storyline between Bobby Lashley and Bray Wyatt, this was never actually confirmed on-screen or by the company themselves.

Wyatt's tragic passing last year has meant that Uncle Howdy has been unable to reveal himself and even though he continued the feud with Lashley for a few weeks after his brother was sidelined, he was unable to return following his death.

Recent reports suggest that Bo Dallas is still contracted to WWE even though he was unable to reveal that it was him under the Uncle Howdy disguise, which means that he would be a perfect person to return in The Royal Rumble match and pick up a feud with Lashley,

Fans have been pushing for Dallas to return for the past few months and The Royal Rumble would be the perfect stage for him to make a statement.

Bobby Lashley has his own issues on WWE SmackDown at the moment

Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits have been the target of The Final Testament on SmackDown over the past few weeks and it appears this story could run past The Royal Rumble.

There is always room inside The Royal Rumble match to set up future feuds and if Bo Dallas is made part of the match then he could eliminate Lashley to set up a rivalry heading into WrestleMania.

It would be an interesting option to see Dallas finishing the story that Bray Wyatt was destined for when he finally returns to the company.

Do you think Bo Dallas should return after almost three years and pick up where his brother left off? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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