“You’re leaving out a lot of details” - former WWE Superstar Velveteen Dream responds to recent claims made by EC3

Former WWE star Velveteen Dream
Former WWE star Velveteen Dream

Former WWE Superstar Velveteen Dream (Patrick Clark Jr.) has responded to claims by EC3 that he was filming men in the bathroom at a party.

EC3 worked with Velveteen Dream in NXT in 2018. On Sportskeeda's "The Wrestling Outlaws" Show, the Control Your Narrative co-founder claimed that Velveteen set up his phone to film in the bathroom without anyone's consent.

The former NXT North American Champion has responded to those accusations today on Instagram live. He said that there were more people at the party but he will not mention their names out of respect.

"EC3 has gone to the dirt sheets saying that, if you haven't seen it, he had a party at his house one night, and if I'm to be correct, this was about 2017-2018, EC3? I'm not going to tell people who was at this party out of respect for our mutual friends. But one of our mutual friends is an NXT talent that no longer works for WWE and the other person is a current Monday Night RAW talent who used to wrestle for NXT." (01:02 - 01:36)

Velveteen Dream then filled in some more details about the night in question.

"EC3, you go out here after I give you the best match you've ever had in your entire career, I'm tired of people throwing dirt on my name. You throw this dirt on my name saying that I tried to record you in your bathroom. Let's be honest Mike (EC3), you are leaving out a lot of details. What were we doing that night Mike? What type of powder was on the table Mike? Okay? So let’s be real. Let's not leave out all the details." (01:39 - 02:07)

The 27-year-old claimed that EC3 was drunk during the party and that he simply left his phone on the bathroom counter. He suggested that EC3 may have come up with this story because he was unsure of his sexuality due to the character he played in NXT.

He also claimed that he showed their mutual friend from NXT his phone to prove that there were no explicit photos or videos.

Patrick Clark (Velveteen Dream) responded to EC3 on IG Live.

Former WWE star Velveteen Dream was recently arrested

Velveteen Dream was arrested on August 26th in Orange County, Florida. He was charged with an out-of-county warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia. Patrick was also arrested on August 20th for misdemeanor battery and trespassing. Velveteen Dream was released by WWE on May 20, 2021.

Turns out Velveteen Dream getting arrested today wasn’t the only one he’s faced this month…

Velveteen recently returned to social media seemingly in an effort to return to WWE. It doesn't seem like that will be the case anytime soon.

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