10 former WWE stars that own businesses 

DDP and Hulk Hogan
DDP and Hulk Hogan
Peter Migdol

In the wrestling business, most stars are not able to compete in the ring forever. Sometimes, the stars will stay in the wrestling world after their time in the ring, but most will move on to different things.

Given that most of these stars are very creative individuals, some use this creative ability to come up with their own business ideas.

These stars use their platforms and popularity to spread the news about their business. This helps their ability to reach more customers and improve the sales of their products.

A few members of the active WWE roster currently own their own businesses. Seth Rollins owns a successful wrestling school, Finn Balor is in the clothing business, Zelina Vega is also in the clothing business with her husband Malalkai Black, Asuka owns a hair salon, and Xavier Woods owns a successful YouTube channel.

This is just to name a few stars that are starting out in the business world. This list primarily focuses on former WWE stars that are currently also killing it in the business world!

#10 DDP’s Yoga Business


WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page has made it his business to change lives for the better. DDPY is “not your mama’s yoga” as it changes the stereotype of Yoga into a life-changing workout.

Many testimonials claim that DDPY has truly helped them in becoming better people in the ways that they wanted. describes the program as “a fitness program born out of necessity and reality. After years of wrestling injuries including a broken back, DDP developed a real-life workout that completely gave him his life back”.

Diamond Dallas Page joined WCW in the 1990s at what was considered an older age. Now in his 60s he was able to compete in AEW a few months back and is still very fit for his age thanks to his yoga business.

This business has helped thousands of people lose weight and make changes in their lifestyles that show clear differences in short periods of time.

Through this program, he helped stars like Scott Hall, Jake Roberts, and Impact’s William Morrissey (FKA Big Cass) overcome addictions and get back into very good physical shape.


DDPY helps with nutrition and fitness in a new way; this is why it is quickly becoming one of the most popular workout businesses on the market today.

#9. Jim Ross’s BBQ Business

Jim Ross With His Sauce
Jim Ross With His Sauce

That’s Right, Good Ol’ J.R. is in the Bar-B-Q business! While WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW broadcaster Jim Ross is not calling the action, he is grilling it up and making an impact.

The Oklahoma native claims he has his mother to thank for the inspiration for the business. Saying how she would cook outside a lot when he was a child.

His website has this to say about his business and the process behind his products,

“We found most of the ingredients written in our family Bible, and we worked with a manufacturer in Oklahoma City to make J.R.’s Original Bar-B-Que Sauce, which is our top seller. I added some heat to make it a little hotter, for those who like heat. Then we wanted to do a different kind of ketchup, so we made Chipotle Ketchup, which is sweet and smoky. Then we made our Main Event Mustard, a high-grade honey mustard with jalapeno mash. It’s got one gram of sugar and loads of flavor”

Jim Ross offer’s two different BBQ sauces, a mustard, and a ketchup. You can also purchase a variety of products including gift boxes and grilling kits at

#8. Hulk’s Business is Runnin Wild

Hogan at his store.
Hogan at his store.

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan has been involved in multiple businesses in the past. He currently has Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop with locations located in Orlando and Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Both shops include a variety of items all revolving around Hulk Hogan. Shoppers can purchase items that highlight the Hulker’s career from start to finish. There are classic items from his Hulkamania days, his days in the NWO, and even items to represent his return to WWE.

Shoppers can also purchase items that feature characters from his movie performances like Thunderlips from Rocky III. The shop features a long list of memorabilia items and sometimes shoppers can purchase current WWE items as well.


Hulk Hogan also owns a restaurant in Clearwater Beach, Florida, called Hogan’s Hangout. The restaurant is somewhat new but seems to be an attraction for tourists and local beachgoers. The restaurant menu features bar items like chicken wings and tacos to name a few, but it also features salads and a variety of fish options.

The restaurant also seems to offer some of the items that can be found at Hogan’s Beach Shop as well. If you find yourself down in Florida, Hogan’s business might be a cool spot for wrestling fans to check out.

#7. Summer Rae’s Business News

Summer Rae
Summer Rae

Summer Rae was recently the talk of the business world as the former WWE Superstar jumped into a new business venture. Summer Rae, real name Danielle Moinet, recently came on as Director of Marketing and Social Engagement at Hedge Cryptocurrency.

Fandango's former dance partner does have a stake in the company and has become the first female athlete to get into the cryptocurrency business on a large scale.

Summer Rae has millions of social media followers all over the world and is already bringing traction to the company. Cryptocurrency is still a new market and has so far been a male-dominated field; with the addition of Rae, things could be changing.

Hedge Cryptocurrency currently trades in multiple different countries, but again, this is a new field. If this ends up taking off, then Summer Rae could end up being a huge player in this market since she is investing so much time into the company.

Other than getting involved in the cryptocurrency business, Rae is still involved in modeling and acting. She is also very prevalent in the fitness world. It will be interesting to see where these business ventures take her in the near future.

#6. Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Beer and Business

Stone Cold Show
Stone Cold Show

The Texas Rattlesnake himself is also a businessperson! Stone Cole Steve Austin is the proud owner of Broken Skull Ranch and its properties.

Through this business, Steve Austin has a television show and the CMT network called the Broken Skull Challenge where athletes come on the show and compete in an obstacle course.

There are currently five seasons of this show and multiple athletes throughout the world have adapted these challenges as a test of their own abilities.

Austin also has a successful podcast called the Steve Austin Show, not to be confused with the occasional Broken Skull Sessions put on by WWE.

Austin’s podcast talks about a variety of topics and usually has some very exciting guests. These guests could be other stars in the wrestling business, but he does have actors, musicians and others featured as well.

His podcast is one of the more popular podcasts put on by former wrestling stars and it can be found on just about every podcast platform.

The WWE Hall of Famer also has a very successful beer brand. I know, it’s crazy that the beer drinking, hell raising, son of a gun would be involved in something like this, but I assure you, it’s true.

El Segundo Brewing Company collaborated with Austin to bring the world, Broken Skull IPA. The beer is not available everywhere yet, but it is growing in popularity which is a good sign in a market as huge as the beer business.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is involved in many projects but it does not appear that the former World Champion is showing any signs of slowing down quickly, especially with his business ventures.

#5. Torrie Wilson’s Fitness Business

Torrie Wilson Fit
Torrie Wilson Fit

WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson has also started a business to take the fitness world by storm by starting Torrie Wilson Fit. Focusing on healthy living and a healthy lifestyle, Wilson has created a website and program that is realistic for those people looking to make changes.

Wilson explained how she used to struggle with an eating disorder and wanted to be skinny. This is what inspired her to start a business focusing on being healthy and fit, and why it is okay to do certain things in your life.

Her website had this to say about the company,

"Torrie has a unique ability to touch the heart of everyone she meets with her genuine interest and care for them. To live our best life it’s not just about workouts. It’s also about eating healthy and balanced; yet allowing ourselves room to live in a realistic world that includes having a piece of cake at a birthday party without going on a 2-week binge after. And it’s about our healthy mind and soul because that is where it all starts."

The website offers many great things for its visitors all for the price of free! You can read lifestyle articles about how to change your bad habits, free workout programs, and even healthy recipes to try. The business is centered on being realistic and happy, which is what many people are out there searching for.

#4. Eve Torres’s Family Business

Eve Torres Teaches a Class
Eve Torres Teaches a Class

Eve Torres is a former WWE Divas Champion and now she is training others on how to be a champion as well. Torres is currently the owner of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu business with her husband.

She married Rener Gracie, who is a member of the famous Gracie Jiu-Jitsu family. Through this venture, she started the Gracie Women Empowered Self Defense Program.

This program is now being taught in Jiu-Jitsu gyms all over the country. The goal of this program is to make women feel more empowered while also giving them the skills to defend themselves in multiple situations. Plus, it seems to make for an intense workout.

Torres owns her own website where she explains her business and goals behind her mission. She describes herself in the following,

"I believe self-defense offers women the freedom, safety, and self-confidence we deserve. I support survivors on their path to healing with a trauma-informed approach to self-defense instruction."

The website also provides for ways to learn her program from home, as well as booking appointments to train with her directly.

When she is not working on her business, Torres is also a motivated speaker who helps her reach larger audiences all of in the name of empowerment.

#3. Kurt Angle’s Snack Business

Kurt Angle Show
Kurt Angle Show

The Olympic Gold Medalist and WWE Hall of Famer has moved into the snack business with his new Physically Fit Protein Snacks.

Kurt Angle is contributing to a large market of fitness snacks but his product includes something that most fitness snacks do not. The fact that Physically Fit uses real chicken and includes it in its snack bag makes it more unique than most fitness snacks.

Their business model calls for the product to be completely air-baked and is supposed to be a healthy replacement to help cure hunger cravings.

Their website describes the company as,

“committed to providing our customers (friends, families, everyone), with the highest quality better-for-you protein snack nutrition the entire family will enjoy. In a time when product quality seems to be compromised by price, we are determined to be unique and different, offering superior ingredients, great taste, texture, and quality in every bag."

Currently, the product comes in 11 different flavors. Some of these flavors are Sweet BBQ, Jalapeno Ranch, Honey Mustard, and my personal favorite Cinnamon Swirl. These snack mixes are primarily sold online on their website.

Kurt Angle also recently started a podcast of his own called The Kurt Angle show. His podcast is available on most podcast platforms.

No doubt these business ventures are a really good start to a post wrestling future for Kurt Angle. Oh, it’s true… it’s damn true.

#2. The Bella’s Twin Magic In the Business World

The Bellas
The Bellas

The Bella Twins are international superstars and up and coming stars in the business world as well. Nikki and Brie Bella are breaking into not only the fashion world but also the world of wine.

The 2021 WWE Hall of Famers own Birdiebee, a clothing brand focus around women’s empowerment. Their products can be found on and they have a wide collection of clothing available for purchase.

Their business’s website defines their story. They can be quoted saying “We’re no strangers to breaking barriers... That’s why when we designed BIRDIEBEE, we took a stance to BEE different. We created an inclusive lifestyle brand — with something for everyone... Whether you’re a Nikki, a Brie or anyone inBEEtween”.

What is really unique about their clothing business is that their clothes are sustainable and focus on helping the environment, which is very important to them.

The Bellas also have a website simply called where fans can go and look at their other business ventures. They have a focus on Total Bellas (their television show on E), as well as access to their podcast which can be found on most podcast platforms.

A new business venture is their Nicole and Brizee line, which is a line of body care products.

Finally, is the Bonita Bonita wine that is currently sold out.

Business is just starting to pick up for the Bella Twins and now that both of them are starting families of their own, we can expect to see a lot more products and business ventures from them in the near future.

# 1. The Rock Says He is Open for Business

Seven Bucks Productions
Seven Bucks Productions

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is by far one of the most popular wrestlers and businessmen to ever step foot in the ring, and he is most certainly one of the most popular people in the world today.

When he left wrestling to become a full-time actor, not many fans expected him to be as popular as he turned out to be. Now, he is not only one of the highest-paid actors but he is also a very successful businessperson.

The Rock has taken his money and invested it in multiple different projects, only increasing his portfolio.

He is a founding partner in Bucks Productions, which is what most of his business ventures are based through. Their website, describes their business as “a multi-platform production company pioneering original content for television, film, emerging technologies, and digital networks. Across all entertainment verticals, Seven Bucks Productions creates innovative content rooted in authenticity, strong storytelling, and passion”.

In the last few years, some of his most popular business ventures have gotten mainstream attention. He started Termana Tequila, which is available in most retailers that sell alcoholic beverages.

He also is involved with ZOA which is a new all-natural energy drink. ZOA is quickly rising up the ranks in this market and should be expected to be available in most retailers soon.

Rocky has an awesome partnership with Under Armor that helps with his Project Rock clothing line.

Finally, The Rock is one of the owners of the new XFL. He is looking to make the league as popular as the NFL. Last year, he purchased the company from Vince McMahon, and the new season is expected to start in 2022.

When you are as popular as The Rock is, who knows what limits you cannot reach? Does anyone else think we might see The Rock run for United States President before he officially retires?

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