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4 ways Bray Wyatt could return after Ultimate Deletion 

Liam Hoofe
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Wyatt entered the Hardy Compound as one man, will he leave a new one?
Wyatt entered the Hardy Compound as one man, will he leave as a new one?

On this week's edition of Monday Night Raw, Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt drew a line underneath their on-going feud in the first ever 'Ultimate Deletion' match.

Fans have been desperate to see Matt Hardy's Broken universe in the WWE since he made his surprise return to the company at last year's WrestleMania, and while the gimmick got off to a rocky start at the end of last year, the company allowed Hardy the creative freedom to make the 'Ultimate Deletion' a shed load of fun.

The match on Monday night will go down as one of the most bizarre to ever main event Monday Night Raw, and the response to the bout has been largely positive in the days that have followed.

The match ended with Matt Hardy hitting the Twist of Fate on Wyatt before throwing his defeated opponent into the Lake of Reincarnation.

Fans of Hardy's run in Impact Wrestling will know that The Lake of Reincarnation has been used to change wrestler's gimmicks several times in the past, and many have been speculating that Bray being thrown in the lake means that we will see a change in his character when Senor Benjamin finally fishes him out.

Wyatt has been in need of a character change for some time now, and if the company does decide to follow the lake's tradition, it could turn out to be a make or break move for the man formerly known as Huskey Harris. Let's take a four possible outcomes of Bray's dip in the lake, and how they would affect his career going forward.

#1 Return to old self

Will Bray don his Hawaiian Shirt and hat once more?
Will Bray don his Hawaiian Shirt and hat once more?

The change in Bray Wyatt's gimmick from when he first arrived in the WWE up until now has been a subtle one.

His character has become increasingly less defined over the last two years, and he has lost all sense of purpose since he was split from The Wyatt Family last year.

The Lake of Reincarnation often sees Superstars return back to old gimmicks, and Bray returning, sitting in his rocking chair, with his Hawaiian shirt and hat on, along a number of new followers by his side would at least develop some interest in the character again.

Wyatt is a cult leader with no followers, and seeing him assemble a new team would give him a new purpose in the WWE. It could be the soft reset that his character so desperately needs. With the WWE continuing to focus on stables in their product, a new version of The Wyatt Family could be just what Bray and the WWE are looking for.

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