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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Huge heel turn and Wrestlemania plans rumoured for top Raw star?

Daniel Wood
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What are the WWE's plans for Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins
What are the WWE's plans for Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins?

What's the story?

Dean Ambrose has been the subject of heel turn rumours since he switched over to the Raw brand from SmackDown LIVE and it looked like the planned turn on Seth Rollins was on its way, but then the WWE reformed the Shield.

However new rumours suggest that the WWE still wants to continue with turning Dean Ambrose and have a big Wrestlemania match planned for "The Lunatic Fringe".

In case you didn't know...

The Shield recently got back together on Monday Night Raw leading to a huge TLC main event, The Shield vs The Bar, The Miz and Braun Strowman. It was a memorable moment that had the entire WWE universe talking.

However, there are reports that this is only a temporary reunion to plug the hole left by Brock Lesnar and John Cena who are off television at the moment.

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The heart of the matter

It still seems clear that the WWE still want to move forward with Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania once the Shield reunion is done, but we didn't know what was planned for Ambrose and Rollins, until now.

PW Mania has informed us of an inside scoop suggesting that the WWE is discussing plans for both Rollins and Ambrose going forward. Here's what they said,

One idea being discussed for early next year is Dean Ambrose turning heel on The Shield so he can work a WrestleMania program with Seth Rollins.

What's next?

The WWE seem to have been thinking long-term with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins as there were rumours of an Ambrose heel turn and Wrestlemania blow-off match between the two way back in July.


It seems that the Shield reunion hasn't derailed those plans, which can only be a good thing.

Author's take

Dean Ambrose was at the height of his popularity during his feud with Seth Rollins, when Rollins was part of the Authority.

It'll be interesting to see if reversing the dynamic and making Ambrose the bad guy will enable the two guys to create the same intensity and spark their first major feud garnered, especially as the two guys in the ring is something we've all seen before.

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