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Winner of Goldberg vs Kevin Owens: Result and Reaction, full match video for WWE Fastlane 2017

Kevin Owens' lengthy title run came to an end in 21 seconds.

Goldberg did indeed have one last title run left in him

Goldberg defeated Kevin Owens in 21 seconds to become the new WWE Universal Champion. He will go on to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania in what will most likely be the main event.

Goldberg made his entrance followed by Kevin Owens. Owens shoved the Universal Championship in Goldberg’s face, and the two trash talked for a moment. The crowd was on the side of the challenger Goldberg. 

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Before the match went underway, Kevin Owens slid out of the ring and was walking around, taking his own time. Owens teased coming back in but went back out. Owens then stood on the apron and came in, but went right back out. Owens came back in and was seemingly ready. 

Chris Jericho then came out, and the bell rang, and Goldberg hit a spear. He followed up with a jackhammer and pinned Owens to win the Universal Championship. As he lifted the championship triumphantly, Jericho was clapping from the ramp.

Goldberg vs Kevin Owens WWE Fastlane 2017 Full Match Video:

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