NXT's Grayson Waller is obnoxiously entertaining

NXT star Grayson Waller is a rising heel on WWE's third brand
NXT star Grayson Waller is a rising heel on WWE's third brand
Ryan K Boman

If the secret to being a great heel is to get under people's skin, then Grayson Waller maybe WWE's next great villain.

The Australian is quickly establishing himself as the top 'bad guy' on NXT 2.0, and he's making no apologies about it. Lately, he's been fueled by pure heat, taking the fans on a ride with him.

Formerly known as Matty Wahlberg in The Land Down Under, he was re-christened as Grayson Waller upon his arrival to NXT. Since then, he's cultivated his character into an arrogant and obnoxious antagonist who knows how to rile up the audience. While the NXT crowd may not always be massive, they are undoubtedly vocal when Waller comes out to cut a promo.

With his look, accent, and attitude, Grayson Waller fits the description of a top-of-the-card heel

A rabid and furious crowd was waiting for @GraysonWWE as he arrived at the NXT Arena.#WWENXT

A 6'3," 210-pound pain in the backside, Waller sports ridiculous shirts, says outlandish things, and sports a rock-solid jawline (as a matter of fact, there are times when he looks like he could be the son of Vanilla Ice).

While he's still got a lot to work on, you can see the early stages of greatness in Grayson Waller. He's got one terrific weapon that every top heel has: fearlessness.

He isn't afraid to be hated; he embraces it. Being comfortable in that position is a gigantic first step for any young superstar trying to establish themselves as an effective outlaw.

Waller's skills were on full display this week, as the entire NXT locker room turned on him for his horrific actions.

"You're not welcome in this locker room anymore."#WWENXT @bronbreakkerwwe @GraysonWWE

Last week, Waller knocked out NXT legend Johnny Gargano, just as the latter was in the middle of his emotional 'goodbye speech.' But, the brutal chair attack had some consequences.

No one in the locker room wanted anything to do with Waller; even his fellow heels thought his actions were distasteful. He cut a promo during the show, saying that he didn't need friends to succeed in NXT. All he needed was one person: Grayson Waller.

This theme continued throughout the program, as he was continuously portrayed as a man on his own island.

However, none of that seemed to phase the Aussie antagonist. He was later called out by LA Knight - who looks like he's now morphing from an arrogant heel into a babyface part of NXT's old guard.

So it appears that everyone has it out for Waller in one way or another. He has become a cornerstone of the show because of his attitude.

The entire episode revolved around Grayson Waller, who capped off the evening by leaving LA Knight laid out and driving off.

The night belonged to Waller, and we should expect many more episodes like this on NXT 2.0. The young performer has positioned himself as a top guy and is improving every week in his role.

As much as some fans may have initially rejected the idea of the NXT reboot, we have seen a lot of bright spots emerging with this updated roster. Names like Bron Breakker, Solo Sikoa, and Grayson Waller are all performers that can easily make a big jump to the main roster someday.

The sky is the limit for this young man. NXT may be building a beast here as he improves in the ring and on the mic. One who could be the main event heel for years to come.

Change is here. The future is now. #WWENXT @GraysonWWE 📺 TONIGHT, 8/7c @USA_Network

Make no mistake, Grayson Waller is showcasing his ability to drive everyone to the edge. And that's the first step to becoming a truly great heel. It will be interesting to see how he cultivates his character from here.

What do you think about Grayson Waller's recent performance on NXT 2.0? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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