Hall of Famer says Drew McIntyre will be WWE Champion in 2020 [Exclusive]

Will Drew McIntyre be WWE Champion this year?
Will Drew McIntyre be WWE Champion this year?

Ahead of BT Sport's WWE launch party to celebrate moving day, I had the pleasure of interviewing several Superstars, past and present, inside BT Sport's WWE media bus, one of whom was WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.

Angle would discuss a variety of topics, not least the potential for a man he tapped out to in one of his last WWE matches, Drew McIntyre, to become WWE Champion.

Not too long ago, WWE COO and fellow Hall of Famer Triple H opened up on the possibility of McIntyre becoming WWE Champion, and it seems like it isn't such an unpopular opinion.

"Drew's gotten a lot better and he's, right now, on the cusp of being World Champion, so he's done an excellent job."
"I can't guarantee anything but I think Drew McIntyre might end up being World Champion by the end of 2020.”

Angle's words echo those of Triple H, who said that the sky is the limit for McIntyre.

I think it's a possibility. Drew has had an incredible run, started off at such a young age, and he's still so young now and he's kind of just coming into his own now as a performer, really. I told him that the sky is the limit for him. He left for a while, he had to go clear himself out and realise what he wanted, and step away and come back even better.

Both men praised The Scottish Psychopath's work ethic, with The Game saying it's a catalyst for making the World Championship a possibility for McIntyre.

He's an incredibly hard worker and he's as serious as serious can be. He wants to be the best in the world and, when you have that type of attitude and that strong work ethic, absolutely, it's a possibility.

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