Hooters to WWE: How Liv Morgan kicked off her career in 2010

Morgan won the SmackDown Women
Morgan won the SmackDown Women's Championship in 2022

Former WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan had to traverse rough terrains to be where she is today. Her father passed away when she was young, so the daughter took matters into her own hands to support her single mother and five siblings.

In 2010, 16-year-old Liv Morgan dropped out of Henry P. Becton Regional High School and started working in a cafe named Hooters. The experience shaped her for the difficult challenges to come in the future. She had a competitive mindset from the beginning as she participated in beauty pageants and aimed to be the best employee in the business.

Liv Morgan, whose real name is Gionna Jene Daddio, often hit the DeFranco's Gym in New Jersey to stay in shape for her pageants.

It was a stroke of luck as she impressed a WWE employee with her physique while doing her rounds in the gym. Daddio had been a massive fan of pro wrestling since childhood, so she took his advice to join the Stamford-based promotion.

Apparently, Enzo Amore referred her to the company, which saw her getting a tryout and being selected. To begin her success story from a struggling Hooters waitress to a WWE Women's Champion, Gionna signed a contract that assigned her to NXT in October 2014.

She made her first televised appearance at NXT TakeOver: Rival in 2015. Portraying a planted fan, she attacked Tyler Breeze during his entrance. The craziness of her character is prevalent to this day.


Gionna Daddio wasn't always named Liv Morgan in WWE. She briefly worked under the ring name Marley. The former SmackDown Women's Champion was given the option of choosing either 'Liv Morgan' or 'Liv Gallows' during her tenure in December 2015.

The Miracle Kid is currently scheduled to fight in the Women's Elimination Chamber on February 18 to decide the next challenger for RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair.

Apart from her WWE goals, Liv Morgan is interested in becoming a real estate agent

World Wrestling Entertainment is loaded with competition. Superstars experience major highs and lows that define their careers.

Although Liv Morgan is a well-established superstar in the promotion, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan for your career, as our elders would say.

In 2020, Liv shared a photo on Twitter to reveal that she was studying to become a real estate broker. She was drafted to WWE RAW at the time but didn't make an appearance until the end of December.

We all have the power to do anything we want to do. I am excited and nervous (that's okay!) to start this new journey 🤓✨

Morgan discussed hopes of opening her own brokerage during an appearance on Twin Talk with Haley & Hanna Cavinder. She hopes to get a real estate brokerage license in addition to pursuing dreams of becoming a soap opera actress.

"I have enrolled in classes to become a realtor, eventually a broker, have my own brokerage. It definitely took a backseat to my training."

The 28-year-old star revealed that she had "kind of a quarter-life crisis” despite her accomplishments, which led her to think of career alternatives.

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