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How much is Alexander Rusev going to dominate in the coming months

Mukund Laddha
3.82K   //    16 May 2014, 14:28 IST
Alexander Rusev and Lana

Alexander Rusev and Lana

The Bulgarian Brute, the Super Athlete, Alexander Rusev sure looks set for big things in the coming months. Escorted to the ring by the Ravishing Russian Lana, Rusev has crushed each and every opponent who has come before him till now. He looks set for big things and his recent outings do indicate that he may well be the monster heel of the WWE.

At the  2014 Royal Rumble, NXT standout Alexander Rusev debuted on the main event roster through the 30 man elimination match. He indeed started his career with some serious momentum too. Thereafter, WWE repeatedly showed us vignettes of Rusev and Lana, teasing of his Raw Debut and hyping his in ring Raw debut.

In the Royal Rumble, Rusev came as the sixth entrant and fought against some of the very well established stars like CM Punk and Seth Rollins, who in turn made him look strong. Although Rusev did not eliminate any wrestler, he stayed in the ring for a considerable time.

Moreover he showed some aggression and impressive moves. He was eliminated in the end by four wrestlers-Punk, Rollins, Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston, all of whom were forced to team up in order to eliminate the Big Bulgarian. All the wrestlers sold the elimination very well to the crowd.

Last Year, Bo Dallas was the surprise entrant from the NXT in the royal rumble. Dallas followed the Rumble with a couple of months feud with the then Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett. Although the storyline was completely dropped all of a sudden, the current NXT champion , Dallas certainly gained through the rumble stint. Dallas now garners a good amount of heat as a heel and would at some point of time make inroads in the main roster.

Rusev went a completely different route though. He first crushed Zack Ryder and then R-Truth and Xavier Woods. It was not just the victories but the way in which he achieved them which really made the difference. He is set to go onto any kind of feud with various possible superstars.

Alexander Rusev has the build which WWE looks out for. He is also well versed with wrestling moves-he did some training in Thai style wrestling. Like some of the currently pushed superstars like Reigns and Big E, he has that intimidating build with athleticism which makes kayfabe look real.

Alexander Rusev is a former Olympic-caliber Bulgarian powerlifter who was trained in California as a pro wrestler by former WWE Superstars Gangrel and Rikishi. According to, he was signed by the company in April of 2011, but suffered several injuries, including a torn ACL and broken neck. He was thereby not able to continue and took some time off to train. In that time, Rusev supposedly added further new moves and developed his skill set.

Rusev is 6’0”, 305 pounds. He is athletic and agile, and can pull off some interesting kicks and moves. Moreover, Rusev also fits a larger than life character like Umaga or Viscera. Even Batista debuted as a bodyguard who had the muscle power flowing. Rusev can be very intimidating and can easily get over with the crowd through his raw strength and wrestling skills.

However Rusev’s Mic skills are limited and that may be a cause of worry. He would need a top quality manager in order to shine on the roster. Currently accompanied by Lana, who surely would add a dimension to him, in the future he would need to either improve on mic or get a new manager of the caliber of Paul Heyman if he wants to be in the top card.

At most Rusev may go on with the winning spree till Payback, but majorly after that we do need to see him in a feud with an established star, so as to get some relevance into the character.

His dominance may yet continue though. Alexander Rusev looks like a good midcard prospect who would be widely viewed as an athletic brute force. Given a good manager for the coming months, Rusev may even blossom on the Main event scene. But for that he would need a top quality storyline and some genuine booking. The current booking does go a long way in making his career, only that such booking needs to continue with some more quality opponents being added into the mix.

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