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Huge concerns over Daniel Bryan’s future in the WWE

6.39K   //    28 Mar 2015, 12:40 IST
Concern about Daniel Bryan’s health

Daniel Bryan completed his in-ring return to the WWE at the Royal Rumble event in January this year on the back of a major injury. The WWE Universe anticipated that WWE had big plans for Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 31. It was a surprising decision for many fans when Bryan was included in the Intercontinental title scenario a couple of weeks back.

And his recent losses to Dolph Ziggler in two straight matches didn’t serve to be a confidence booster for the former WWE World Heavyweight champion. However, regarding his involvement in the IC title Ladder match, it is being said that the decision was made not because WWE don’t want to see him as the top draw for the company, but the WWE team is worried about Bryan’s health and fitness.

Bryan underwent a unique form of rehabilitation last year to overcome his injuries but the WWE team is worried that the injuries could relapse due to the kind of rehab he chose. There is a concern that Bryan chose a quick short-term solution over a permanent fix.

Bryan could have been a cynosure in Wrestlemania 31, had there been no concern about his elbow injuries being relapsed. Bryan’s situation was compared by one source to that of Kurt Angle’s- the way injuries kept on reoccurring and how Angle has to forcefully terminate his career.

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