"I don't give a d*** what The Tribal Chief says" - 5 signs Jey Uso is secretly planning to betray Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39

Will Jey Uso betray Roman Reigns at WretsleMania 39? The signs are there for you to see.
Will Jey Uso betray Roman Reigns at WretsleMania 39? The signs are there for you to see.

Nearly six months before Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match at WrestleMania 39, Jey Uso received one of the loudest pops on SmackDown when he said:

"I don't give a d*** what The Tribal Chief says."

At the time, one-half of the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions and The Bloodline's Right Hand Man was not a fan of Sami Zayn. The constant friction between the two was troubling Roman Reigns, who demanded the two superstars get on the same page. Jey Uso was reluctant, and there was a brief moment when he let his true feelings slip.

With less than a week to go for WrestleMania, WWE fans wonder if Jey Uso has enough reason to turn on Roman Reigns and cost him his title match at the Grandest Stage of Them All. The last few months saw several moments when Jey Uso seemed to be getting more reasons to rebel against The Head of the Table.

Here, we look at five signs that Jey Uso secretly plans to betray Roman Reigns and indirectly end his historic title reign at WrestleMania. So, without further ado, let's begin.

#1 Jey Uso stopped Roman Reigns from hitting Sami Zayn with a steel chair

Jey Uso maintained his distance from The Bloodline after Roman Reigns ordered an attack on Sami Zayn at Royal Rumble 2023. He took time away from television while Jimmy repeatedly tried to contact him. Jey always returned to help Jimmy, but he seemingly kept his soft corner for Zayn.

A backstage segment on SmackDown once saw Sami Zayn secretly meet Jey near the parking area and "acknowledge him." Later at Elimination Chamber, Jey Uso stood in the way of Roman Reigns when he was about to hit Zayn with a steel chair during their title match.

The Tribal Chief would eventually emerge victorious after Zayn accidentally hit Jey Uso and fell victim to a Spear. But it was the first time since accepting Reigns as his Tribal Chief that Jey stood up to The Head of The Table.

#2 Jey Uso only returned when Roman Reigns threatened Jimmy Uso

Jey Uso still couldn't get on the same terms as The Bloodline, but Reigns was growing impatient. The constant threat from Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes troubled The Tribal Chief, who knew Jey could get them out of the struggle. Desperate to regain his Right Hand Man, Reigns relied on an old trick.

When he first tried to make Jey Uso "fall in line," The Head of the Table understood that it wouldn't be easy. He resolved to hurt Jimmy to force Jey into accepting defeat. History repeated itself on the Road to WrestleMania.

Reigns said that he had given Jey Uso enough time. The Tribal Chief openly stated that he would hold Jimmy Uso accountable for his brother's actions, subtly indicating that he would not refrain from hurting Bloodline members as he has in the past. It is worth noting that a threat over Jimmy prompted Jey Uso to return, who has since declared that he would always protect his brother.

#3 Underrated Jey Uso moment before Superkick to Sami Zayn

Roman Reigns instructed Jimmy Uso to take care of the Sami Zayn problem. The two superstars locked horns, pushing each other to their limits. They, too, have an incredible history as part of The Bloodline, and they deserve credit for the brilliant storytelling to show their bond turning ugly.

Jey Uso surprised everyone by showing up, and his presence cost Jimmy the win. Jey walked past his brother and approached Sami Zayn as WWE fans held their breath. A few moments later, a Superkick to Sami's face shattered a million hearts.

But somewhere in between, there was a moment when everyone believed Jey had picked Sami over The Bloodline as the two hugged. While the crowd erupted with deafening cheers, Jey Uso appeared to have said something in Sami's ears. The moment led to speculations over his true intentions, with many suggesting that he quietly whispered to his former friend that he needed to protect his brother.

#4 Jey Uso didn't justify himself when Sami Zayn questioned his intentions

Two weeks ago, SmackDown witnessed the long-awaited reunion between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. But moments before their iconic hug, the latter was confronting Jey Uso. The Right Hand Man justified his actions by saying he trusted the Honorary Uce but betrayed The Bloodline.

Zayn fired back, saying Jey Uso wasn't mad at him for attacking Roman Reigns; instead, he was angry because he didn't get to do it first. The sentence seemed to have a brutal impact on Jey, who struggled for a long time to come up with an answer and ultimately chose to respond by attacking Sami Zayn.

#5 Jey Uso didn't respond to Roman Reigns' "I love you"

Roman Reigns saw The Usos momentarily struggle in their brawl with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. He ordered the tag team champions to "take care" of their challengers before asking everyone to leave except Jey Uso. This was their first encounter since Jey abandoned and rejoined The Bloodline.

They engaged in small talk before moving on to solid plans for title defenses at WrestleMania. Reigns then said he was glad to have Jey Uso back in The Bloodline and ended his comment with a heartfelt "I love you." However, Jey didn't respond and left the room.

Later, Paul Heyman asked if Roman Reigns had received the answers he wanted, and he said yes. The last time he had a similar conversation with The Wiseman was before the end of The Bloodline's association with Sami Zayn.

Jey Uso might not betray Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, but The Tribal Chief has doubts. No wonder Cody Rhodes' prediction got him under the champion's skin. But if Jey Uso does betray Reigns at WrestleMania, it will set up an epic SummerSlam feud between the two Bloodline members.

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