"I don't really like being around you" - When Nia Jax made WWE RAW star cry by calling her "fake"

Nia Jax had a heated conversation with a WWE RAW star in 2019
Nia Jax had a heated conversation with a WWE RAW star in 2019

Former WWE RAW Women's Champion Nia Jax has been the center of controversy multiple times in her eight-year-long run in the company. One such incident dates back to the ninth season of Total Divas. The series, which blurs the line between reel and reality, featured Jax giving an earful to Carmella.

During one of the segments on the October 2019 episode of Total Divas, Carmella asked Nia Jax why she kept avoiding her. The former women's champion initially termed it due to her match. She later lashed out at 'Mella by calling her 'fake' and claimed it to be the reason for her evasive behavior.

Tamina Snuka was present during the confrontation. She tried to mediate the tension and thought the words were uncalled for. Nia only shrugged, while Carmella was seen being emotional by the exchange.

It is unknown whether the part was scripted or improvised, although Nia Jax did a great job portraying her arrogant WWE character.

"I just, I don’t know, for some reason I don’t find any genuineness in you. I don’t really like being around you. I feel like you’re really fake and not authentic, so I just have a hard time being around you," said Nia Jax.

Check out the clip below:

In another Total Divas episode, the former WWE RAW Women's Champion took another dig at Carmella for being 'too safe' as an in-ring performer. The rival parties put their bitterness aside a month after Jax's confrontation with Mella.

Nia apologized to the star, which was duly accepted, and claimed that her struggles with injuries negatively impacted her mindset.


Carmella, a mainstay of WWE RAW, has been out of action this month. She is hoping to start a family with her husband, Corey Graves. Meanwhile, Nia Jax was last seen on WWE television at the 2023 Women's Royal Rumble. She arrived at No.30 but was eliminated by an alliance of stars, including the winner, Rhea Ripley.

When was former WWE RAW star Nia Jax released?

Given her accolades, Nia Jax's release was a surprise, although she did have a bad reputation for being an unsafe worker. The Irresistible Force was let go by the company in November 2021 after she asked for a break from wrestling to take care of her mental well-being.

Prior to her departure, Nia held the Women's Tag Team Titles alongside Shayna Baszler. They dropped the gold to Natalya and Tamina in May 2021, following which Baszler turned on her partner. She laid out a brutal assault on the former WWE RAW Women's Champion, destroying one of her arms to write her off the television.


Jax hasn't joined any promotion yet. It remains to be seen if she is interested in wrestling again or branching out to other ventures like others.

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