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Impact Wrestling News: Booker T comments on RVD & others who're still competing in the ring (Exclusive)

Riju Dasgupta
1.51K   //    29 Jun 2019, 07:27 IST

I had a chance to connect with Booker T recently!
I had a chance to connect with Booker T recently!

Few individuals in the wrestling business have had the career that Booker T has. And nestled between his two WWE runs is a great multi-year stint with Impact Wrestling.

Booker T was part of the Impact Wrestling Press Pass Podcast in a different capacity this week, Impact Wrestling will be partnering with his own promotion, Reality of Wrestling for a show on Twitch that you can't miss called 'Deep IMPACT'. The show airs on July 6th.

To promote the show, Booker T addressed members of the media in a special teleconference. I had a chance to ask him one question.

What do you think of guys like RVD who are still competing at their age?

Booker T: Hey man. I must say, bro. It's gotta be hard on those guys out there doing that. I mean I'm not gonna sit here and lie. They must love...they must have a certain passion for going out there and pushing themselves to that level of competition. I'm sure when they wake up in the morning, they feel it.

There's no way that they can't. But I tell you what. (Laughs) How you gonna tell a man he can't do what he wants to do? How you gonna tell a man that he can't go out there and feed his family? You know what I mean? More power to those guys to still be able to stay in the game like that. And still go out and do it.

And more importantly, still have that passion to go out there and give the fans, what they really want to see. But I must say, it's gotta be really, really tough at the age that they're running at right now because I'm 54. I had a match 5 months ago and my ears are still ringing (laughs).

I appreciate your question, brother.