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Impact Wrestling News: [Watch] Abusive fan kicked out of tapings; has confrontation with a female wrestler

Karan Bedi

This is not a good look
This is not a good look

Warning: Video contains abusive language

What's the story?

According to 411 Mania, An abusive fan was kicked out of the Impact Wrestling tapings in New York City on June 8th. Video footage has surfaced of the fan verbally attacking Taya Valkyrie.

In case you didn't know...

Impact Wrestling was conducting tapings in New York City this past Saturday on June 8th. The story was that the fan was kicked out but the reasons were not completely known at the time.

This comes a few days after a similar incident involving a fan and 2 female wrestlers, Velvet Sky and Mandy Leon. The fan was told by Bully Ray to calm down and essentially watch his language. He also elaborated on Twitter, after the incident involving his confrontation with the fan, that such language can't be tolerated in today's day and age.

The heart of the matter

The female wrestler, in question, Taya Valkyrie can be seen below getting into it with the abusive fan. The fan allegedly appears to be intoxicated, with a glass of beer in his hand. She knocks the beer out of his hand after he calls her a 'piece of h**'. As soon as his beer fell, he spits at her as she walked away. You can take a look below of the confrontation as well as the fan being kicked out. Taya Valkyrie commented on it as well.

Call me names, enjoy the show, boo, cheer, whatever.....but don’t attack me verbally. Insult me personally and spit on me. Hey hey hey goodbye

Here is the fan finally being kicked out by security.

What's next?

It's unfortunate that certain behaviour still exists in parts of the wrestling fanbase. It's imperative that lines should not be crossed between fans and performers. Wrestling fans should know that while they pay to a show, they need to show respect to the wrestlers.

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