IMPACT Wrestling Results: Rebellion Press Conference ends in chaos; Jazz retires

Sami Callihan poisons IMPACT Wrestling; Jazz officially retires
Sami Callihan poisons IMPACT Wrestling; Jazz officially retires
Greg Bush

Welcome to IMPACT Wrestling, folks. We're just a little more than a week away from IMPACT Wrestling Rebellion, where Rich Swann and Kenny Omega will put their titles on the line in a Champion vs Champion match.

Would Kenny Omega walk away with all the gold? Or would Rich Swann manage to avoid that One-Winged Angel, shock the world, and win both titles? Tonight, we'd see the press conference for the big match.

At IMPACT Wrestling Hardcore Justice, Tommy Dreamer was set to be in the main event in a Hardcore War against Violent By Design. He was attacked backstage, leading to Trey Miguel taking his place and putting on a star-making performance. The question was, who attacked Dreamer? We'd find out tonight.

We also had the retirement ceremony for wrestling legend Jazz. The multi-time champion has had a historic career that few could ever hope to achieve. After losing a title bout to Deonna Purrazzo last weekend, it was time for her to call it a career.

All that and so much more on tonight's IMPACT Wrestling. On Before The IMPACT, Havok defeated her former tag team partner Nevaeh in an excellent Knockouts match. We kicked the night off with two of the best wrestlers in the X-Division, let alone all of the IMPACT Wrestling. What a way to kick off a show.

TJP vs Josh Alexander on IMPACT Wrestling

The former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion wrapped up with Josh Alexander with a knuckle lock in the middle of the ring. Alexander was surprisingly brought down to the mat by TJP but was able to escape.

TJP trapped Alexander in a heel hook and attempted to transition into a bow and arrow. Alexander fought it off, but a hammerlock with a bridge left Alexander writhing in pain.

He rolled over, countering with a pin attempt. The Walking Weapon of IMPACT Wrestling snapped in a sleeper hold, and TJP had to fight and crawl just to get to the ropes.

Alexander's stalling suplex was countered as TJP went in for the octopus stretch. When it was blocked, Alexander lifted him for an electric chair facebuster. TJP crawled to the ropes again when the ankle lock was teased.

Alexander trapped TJP's ankle in the ropes, looking to further weaken his opponent's left leg. They traded chops before TJP was caught in a Gory Special.

The former X-Division Champion escaped, setting up the Walking Weapon for the triangle dropkick. However, he missed it, but TJP was able to bring Alexander to the floor with a triangle choke. Alexander stood up, bouncing TJP's spine off the apron with a powerbomb.

Josh went for the ankle lock but again couldn't stop TJP from going to the ropes. A series of palm strikes and a roundhouse left Alexander in the corner for a running face wash. The Detonation Kick was countered, as was Alexander's powerbomb. TJP caught Alexander in a cross armbreaker.

Josh escaped it three times and finally locked in an ankle lock. TJP's counter led to the TJP Clutch before transitioning into an STF. TJP dropped Alexander and went for his Mamba Splash.

Alexander moved away in such a way that he was able to catch him with another ankle lock attempt. Though TJP refused to tap, a powerbomb backbreaker and double underhook piledriver were enough to finally put him away.

Results: Josh Alexander defeated TJP via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: A

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Edited by Alan John
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