Impact Wrestling Results (July 5th, 2019): Ringside brawl ensues, Tessa Blanchard gets one over Sami Callihan

  • Sami Callihan and oVe felt the wrath of Tessa Blanchard ahead of Slammiversary XVII
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Johnny Impact hoped to bang up Rich Swann before his title match at Slammiversary
Johnny Impact hoped to bang up Rich Swann before his title match at Slammiversary

With Slammiversary only a few days away, the Impact stars looked to build some last-minute momentum heading into their matches on Sunday. Johnny Impact has had his sights set on the X-Division Championship since losing the world title months back to Brian Cage. Tonight, in a tag team match, he looked to weaken Swann ahead of their bout at Slammiversary. His tag team partner? John. E. Bravo.

Tessa Blanchard has been single-handedly breaking apart oVe for a month now, first targeting the Crist brothers, and now Sami Callihan. The leader of the gruesome stable left Blanchard unconscious recently, finishing her off with a devastating piledriver. Tonight, Blanchard hoped to get some revenge.

The Rascalz are set to challenge for the Impact World Tag Team Titles at Slammiversary. However, before that, they must take each other on in a triple threat match to determine who will compete in the bout. Whoever is pinned or submitted will sit out of the championship match.

First up, we saw the rematch between TJP and Ace Austin. The Ace of Impact Wrestling was undefeated until the former Manik made his return to the company a few weeks ago. TJP made short work of the young star, finishing him with the Detonation Kick. Tonight, Ace Austin wanted revenge.

TJP vs Ace Austin

The Ace looked to redeem his only loss in Impact Wrestling
The Ace looked to redeem his only loss in Impact Wrestling

TJP was brought down to the mat early with Austin hoping to wear him out before he could get going. The former X-Division Champion escaped a side headlock in a unique fashion. With both the Superstars back on their feet, Austin broke a wrist lock with his foot, following up with a short distance forearm strike.

The veteran seemed to have an answer for everything Austin threw out. However, Austin managed to bring him down with a kick to the knee and a running dropkick. TJP got back on top with a roll-up, turning it into a sharpshooter. Austin managed to break out of another hold, sending TJP into the corner and beating him down with a series of kicks.

Launched across the ring, TJP stuck himself on top of the turnbuckle with a headstand, sending Austin to the outside with a hurricanrana when he ran in. He attempted a springboard leg drop to the apron, but Austin saw it coming, rolling out of the way. A Fosbury Flop took TJP out, while Austin shouted, "These ropes ain't purple, bud!"


Back inside, Austin took control of the arm, locking in an armbar while using a playing card to cut into TJP's fingers. A surfboard stretch was escaped, as TJP rolled inwards sending Austin flying into the corner with a double foot stomp. His momentum was cut off after Austin retaliated with the running double leg facebuster.

TJP recovered, managing to fire up after a hurricanrana and a springboard dropkick in the ropes. Back inside, Austin laid out TJP with a springboard roundhouse kick. TJP kicked out.

On the top rope, the two X-Division stars battled, with Austin hoping for the superplex. TJP fought him off but was sent across the ring with a super headscissors takedown. However, playing to the crowd cost him, as TJP rolled away from a moonsault. As he went up for the Detonation Kick, Austin held onto the ropes, rolling him up afterwards. The ref broke the pin after he noticed Austin was holding the ropes.

A dropkick to the knee left Austin hobbling, allowing TJP to connect with a double chicken wing gutbuster. Austin broke out at two, leading to an exchange of strikes between the two. TJP looked for another running dropkick, but Austin leapt over him, landing on top with a leg drop.

Austin looked to finish the match with the Fold, but TJP dropped to the mat, picking the leg and forcing the submission with the TJP Clutch.

Results: TJP defeated Ace Austin via submission.

In a shocking turn of events, the Impact Tag Team Championships changed hands at Bash at the Brewery on Impact+. The North managed to defeat LAX, with both members of the duo picking up their first piece of gold in Impact Wrestling.

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Published 06 Jul 2019, 10:22 IST
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