IMPACT Wrestling Results (May 12th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

  • The tournament to crown a new #1 contender for the IMPACT World Championship began tonight.
  • Moose claimed he didn't need to be a part of the IMPACT #1 contender's tournament, as he's the "TNA World Champion"
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The TNA World Championship is...on the line?
The TNA World Championship is...on the line?

We began the road to determine Tessa Blanchard's No.1 contender tonight. Though the IMPACT World Champion isn't here, eight top IMPACT talents are vying to be the one to dethrone her in the near future.

Moose managed to take over the intro to the show, demanding the "TNA voice-over guy" give him a proper introduction. We get dozens of TNA and IMPACT veterans and former champions talking about the incredible kind of athlete that Moose is.

Well...I probably sounds like that to Moose. Clearly they're talking about uh...someone else.

With that out of the way, we kicked off with the IMPACT World Title No.1 Contender's Tournament. The first match of the night was oVe's Madman Fulton vs Supermex, Hernandez. The multi-time TNA Tag Team Champion took part in the Triple Threat at Rebellion, facing both Michael Elgin and Moose for the TNA World Championship. Kind of.

No.1 Contender's Tournament First Round: Madman Fulton vs Hernandez

Things don
Things don't look good for Jake Crist

The Monster of oVe found someone who could match him both pound for pound and blow for blow, as Hernandez was able to trade colossal strikes with Madman Fulton. Hernandez avoided a chokeslam and pounced Fulton into the corner.

Fulton brought Hernandez up for a superplex and rolled through for a suplex slam. After a body splash, he picked up a near fall. The big man continued to wear down Hernandez, clubbing him with massive forearms and locking him in a chin lock.


Dave Crist held Hernandez on the outside as Fulton dove through the ropes for a stomp, driving Hernandez from the apron to the floor. Back on the inside, a sidewalk slam set Hernandez up for a big dive from the Mad Titan. The headbutt missed, allowing Hernandez some time to wake up.

Hernandez found himself on the apron and caught Fulton running in with a slingshot shoulder tackle. The TNA OG lit up Fulton with big shots and a cross body in the corner. A one-handed spinebuster nearly gave him the win, but Dave Crist placed Fulton's foot on the ropes.

The Crists dragged Hernandez to the floor and pleaded with Supermex to stop. Hernandez didn't listen, instead bringing them inside for a beatdown. Jake Crist was launched into Fulton with a Border Toss, but Fulton kicked out at one.

Hernandez and Fulton found themselves at the top again, but Hernandez dropped Fulton to the floor. A big splash from the big man put Fulton down, pushing the TNA legend forward in the tournament.

Results: Hernandez defeated Madman Fulton via pinfall.

Grade: B

Hernandez will go on to face the winner of Ken Shamrock vs Rhino.

Michael Elgin cut a promo on the tournament, claiming he was once again ripped off by IMPACT management. He didn't need to prove himself anymore. He's the real No.1 contender. Still, if he has to do so, might as well start sending his victims to the hospital again.

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Published 13 May 2020, 07:55 IST
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