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Impact Wrestling Results (May 24th, 2019): A legendary return, top star back in title hunt

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The North finally challenged for the Tag Team Titles
The North finally challenged for the Tag Team Titles

Last week, Michael Elgin and Rich Swann went to war. The Unbreakable One put the X-Division Champion through some terrifying punishment, but the high-flyer was able to dish it out as well as he could take it, getting a near fall several times in the match. Eventually, this led to a frustrated Elgin disqualifying himself and powerbombing Swann into the ring post three times.

Willie Mack made the save, but was taken out by former Impact World Champion Johnny Impact. The two top contenders for the title stood in the ring, eye to eye, seemingly settling on an alliance.

Sami Callihan vs Fallah Bahh w/Scarlett Bordeaux

Impact kicked off with noneother than The Draw
Impact kicked off with noneother than The Draw

Fallah Bahh rushed Callihan with a running crossbody, following up with an avalanche splash in the corner. Callihan struggled to get away but was kept in the corner where Bahh pelted him with chops and palm strikes.

Callihan eventually got some offense in, striking Bahh with a pair of clotheslines. Bahh was barely affected, and dropped him with a powerslam followed by a whirling elbow drop. Callihan kicked out at two. Callihan tried to keep Bahh's toes away from his mouth, but then decided to accept fate, biting the big toe. Callihan paid the price, being laid out with a shoulder tackle.

Callihan rolled outside but was unable to escape Bahh, who kept up the pressure with more palm strikes and chophs to the back. Callihan raked the eyes, then spit a loogie into his hand before slapping Bahh. The big man didn't take kindly to it, turning him around with a chop of his own. Callihan jumped back inside, but as Bahh got onto the apron, the Death Machine dropped him with a springboard clothesline.

Bordeaux encouraged him to get back inside, where Callihan attacked his big toe, twisting and biting it. Bahh was able to shake off most of his offense, but whenever Callihan attacked his toe, he crumbled.


Callihan took Bahh down with a rear chin lock. Callihan slapped him across the back when he stood up, but it only made him angrier. Even a pump kick didn't fase him. Bahh caught him running off the ropes with two double palm strikes and a belly to belly suplex. A side effect nearly gave him the win.

Bahh brought Callihan to theh corner for the Banzai Drop. Callihan rolled away, and caught him with a knee to the jaw. Bahh countered a running clothesline with a Samoan drop and went up again for the Banzai Drop. Before he could connect, Jake & Dave Crist distracted the ref, allowing Sami to connect with a superkick to the back of Bahh's knee.

Callihan cheered as the Crists set up Bordeaux for a superkick, but she escaped and took them both out with a dive. Back inside the ring, Bahh planted Callihan with a powerslam, then dove onto all three men on the outside as Callihan rolled away.

Bahh followed Callihan back inside, but was kicked as he was going through the ropes. Callihan used them to hit a modified Cactus Piledriver.

Results: Sami Callihan defeated Fallah Bahh via pinfall.

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer cut a promo on his match with Rob Van Dam tonight.The Hardcore Icon said that it may be their last time wrestling each other. Tonight was where they first met in the ring, and there was no better place to end their rivalry. Though they're close, Dreamer said it was time, one last time, to go to the extreme.

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