IMPACT Wrestling Results (May 5th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights 

What's Michael Elgin want with Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock?
What's Michael Elgin want with Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock?

One week removed from Rebellion, and we've got two championship bouts tonight. The North defended their IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Titles against one of the "best teams in Canada." Willie Mack would also defend his X-Division Championship, later on, forcing a defense of his title one week after winning it.

Before the intro can even finish playing, Sami Callihan hacks in and takes over the broadcast before making his way to the ring. At Rebellion, he was defeated by Ken Shamrock, passing out to the Ankle Lock in a vicious war with the former World Champion.

Since then, Callihan has denied the fact that he's lost, stating that he never tapped. The Draw promised to brighten the day of those stuck at home, going over his match with the World's Most Dangerous Man. Callihan said that it would take more than an ankle lock to keep him down.

oVe attempted to help Callihan with Shamrock, but Callihan took them out with a bat, officially ending their relationship. The Callihan Death Machine didn't need help, just like he didn't need the ref to stop the match. He then called out Ken Shamrock, who was happy to oblige.

However, Ken Shamrock wasn't there to go blow-to-blow with Callihan. He was here to give Callihan the props that he deserved for taking him to the limit and refusing to tap. Shamrock went over a list of some of the toughest competitors that he forced to tap out. Big Show, Bas Rutten, The Rock and more have all fallen to Shamrock's incredible submission prowess.

Shamrock said there were two options. Either they go to the back and finish what they started, or they set their eyes back on the prize everyone wants, the IMPACT World Championship. Shamrock offered his hand, but before Callihan could accept, try were interrupted by Michael Elgin.

Big Mike claimed that he's the rightful and only IMPACT World Champion.Elgin doesn't need to curse out the crowd, he doesn't need staple guns or chairs to get his point across to the roster. Elgin threatened both Callihan and Shamrock, stating that the line to the world title starts behind him.

Callihan called Elgin a choke artist, forcing Big Mike to lay him out. Shamrock made the save, and the duo sent Elgin out the ring. Callihan left the ring before he could shake Shamrock's hand.

Chris Bey talked about his rightful claim to the #1 contender of the X-Division Championship. At Rebellion, he defeated three of the top X-Division talents in an epic four-way bout, and felt that he was next in line for Willie Mack's title.

Larry D is going for a ride
Larry D is going for a ride

Willie Mack addressed the Ultimate Finesser, claiming that Chris Bey may have finessed himself into a beatdown courtesy of the new X-Division Champion.

oVe (Jake Crist & Madman Fulton) w/Dave Crist vs XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D)

The monster of oVe started the match with Larry D. The giants traded blows, but Larry D was able to overcome Madman Fulton, dropping him with a body slam. Fulton rolled to his corner as Acey Romero tagged in, bringing in Jake Crist.

Jake was tossed all around the ring by both Romero and Larry D. It can't be stressed enough that these shoulder tackles and body slams Jake was taking were massive. Gargantuan, even.

Dave saved Jake from a terrifying double team maneuver, pulling him out the ring and setting up a sneak attack on Romero. Back from commercial break, Romero was trapped in the corner of oVe, where Madman Fulton was bearing down on him. Fulton eventually managed to take Romero to the top rope, and dropped him down with a rolling fireman's carry slam.

Romero kicked out at two and eventually dumped the big man with a back body drop followed by a spinebuster. Larry D and Jake Crist tagged in, with Larry D taking out the Golden Draw with some clotheslines and a release suplex. A running splash earned him a two-count.

Jake responded with his four-kick combo, but was dumped to the floor by Larry D for his trouble. The big man dove through the ropes, sending Jake into the barricade. Back inside, Fulton broke up a moonsault attempt, and with Jake brought down Larry D with a powerbomb/neckbreaker combination.

Acey Romero barely broke up the pin in time. Romero followed up by pouncing Madman Fulton to the floor. Larry D finished the bout with a right hand to the jaw, knocking both Dave and Jake Crist out cold.

Results: XXXL defeated oVe via pinfall.

Grade: B+

We were treated to a new episode of Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne and her co-host, Johnny Swinger. Rayne's guest, former Knockouts Champion and the Kaiju Queen, Havok.

Rayne asked how she felt about her loss against Rosemary at Rebellion in their Full Metal Mayhem match. She followed up, wondering if she'd be retiring soon. Havok reminded her what happened to the last person that angered her, she stabbed up James Mitchell.

The Queen of the Knockouts asked a question that fans were genuinely wondering. What was Nevaeh doing at Rebellion. Havok said she didn't know, and was only concerned about herself. Rayne followed up, bringing Kimber Lee into the locker room. After they knocked out Swinger, there was a tense moment between the two before Havok left.

Suicide with a dominating performance!
Suicide with a dominating performance!

We were given a video on what life was like on the Deaner Farm. Cody Deaner said that there may have been some struggles with the whole "social distancing" thing, but he learned to adapt.

Cousin Jake was on the other side of the border, leaving Cody stuck at the farm by himself. However, that didn't stop him from having fun and selling some classic Deaner merchandise.

Johnny Swinger vs Suicide

Johnny Swinger demanded the referee check Suicide for weapons, giving him an opportunity to get some dirty shots in on the former X-Division Champion. Swinger raked the back and eyes, but Suicide's suit pretty much protected him from all that.

Suicide sent Swinger to the floor before hitting a dive. Back on the inside, Swinger shook the top rope before Suicide could hit another dive, crotching him on the ring post. Swinger dropped Suicide with a teardrop suplex but missed his low blow headbutt.

The Swing Man nearly caught Suicide with the swinging neckbreaker, but couldn't connect. After a Codebreaker, the Swanton Bomb put Swinger away.

Results: Suicide defeated Johnny Swinger via pinfall.

Grade: C+

Former "XXX-Division Champion" Ace Austin called out Chris Bey for having the cajones to demand a title shot against Willie Mack. The Ace of the X-Division forced himself into their match tonight, making it a triple threat for the X-Division Championship.

Can Cousin Jake redeem himself after his Rebellion loss?
Can Cousin Jake redeem himself after his Rebellion loss?

Josh Mathews had a sit-down interview with "TNA World Champion" Moose. The former NFL star listed his biggest victories over the past year, including Ken Shamrock, Rhino, and Rob Van Dam. Considering his record, Moose declared himself the Real World Champion.

IMPACT management created a tournament to determine the new #1 contender to Tessa Blanchard's IMPACT World Championship. The matches of the opening round are as followed:

Well, those WERE the matches. Moose, though, pulled himself out of the tournament, as he's already the TNA World Champion, and considered the IMPACT World Title a secondary belt.

Joseph P. Ryan vs Cousin Jake

Joseph Ryan baited Cousin Jake into a cheap shot in their Rebellion rematch. Jake shook it off, clobbering Ryan with some strong right hands. Ryan moved to the floor, demanding a time out. He baited Jake in once again, hanging his shoulder up in the ropes, going back to the same strategy from Rebellion.

However, this time it wasn't as effective. A two-handed choke bomb sent Ryan into the corner. Ryan managed to escape, moving to the floor once again. This time Jake was able to catch him. Still, Ryan banged his head off the ring post, stealing the upper hand once again.

Ryan kept up the assault, pelting Jake with knees and a body slam. Still, a massive toss easily brought Jake back into the match. After firing up, Jake delivered a discus lariat. Ryan was then lifted up for a deadlift sit-out powerbomb, but kicked out at two.

Ryan was able to catch Jake with what was formerly known as Sweet Tooth Music, but couldn't put down the country strong farm hand. Jake blocked a suplex, responding with one of his own. Ryan pulled the referee in front of himself, stopping Jake's offense, before poking him in the eye and rolling him up with a handful of tights for the win.

Results: Joseph P. Ryan defeated Cousin Jake via pinfall.

Grade: B-

We received footage from a Canadian wrestling promotion where The North, Ethan Page, and Josh Alexander, would defend their IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championship. Page interacted with the "fans" around ringside, hugging North supporters while attacking one of the that insulted them.

"IMPACT" and "TNA" chants rang out from The North cut a promo in the ring. Page asked Alexander three questions:

  1. Ever since all this craziness started, what's the one thing you wanted to do? Compete
  2. What's the one thing you wanted to inflict on somebody? Pain
  3. What's the one match you've always wanted? A match with Kurt Angle!

Page reminded him that Angle's 90-days weren't up yet, so that's something they couldn't swing. Their opponents came out, two strapping young lads, The Creeps.

IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championship: The Creeps vs The North (c)

The North obliterated The Creeps, battering them with chops, elbow drops, and more. The assisted elevated DDT earned The North another hard-fought victory over one of the greatest tag teams in the world.

Results: The North defeated The Creeps via pinfall.

Grade: A+

Rosemary was seen at the bar talking to The Bunny, who presented the Demon Assassin with Tarot Cards.

Her reading revealed that all of her hardships and struggles on her path would ultimately lead to the world recognizing her power.

With Moose leaving the No.1 Contender's Tournament for the IMPACT World Championship, Rohit Raju found himself placed in the tournament. Dubbing himself the last Desi, he said that his mother called him son because he shines like one. Raju will now take on Trey next week. Also, Hernandez will go one-on-one with Madman Fulton.

Havok will be in action as well, as she'll be facing the debuting Kimber Lee. The main event, of course, will be Moose defending his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Suicide.

Can Willie Mack save his X-Division Title?
Can Willie Mack save his X-Division Title?

X-Division Championship: Chris Bey vs Ace Austin vs Willie Mack (c)

The champ took his challengers down with a snapmare/headscissors takedown combo, following up with a double clothesline, leaving Cris Bey and Ace Austin down on the mat. A double Samoan drop set up or a standing moonsault, crashing onto both challengers.

Bey and Austin rolled to the floor, where they tried to talk strategy. However, Austin sent Bey into the ring post before they moved inside. Willie Mack was dropped with a rolling ankle pick and a kick to the back of the head. As the ref checked on Mack, who was in an armbar, Austin sliced the webbing of Mack's hand with his playing card. Before he could follow up with a dive, he was yanked to the floor where Bey shoved him into the ring post.

Mack rocked Bey mid-dive with a right hand. However, Bey took over with a pop-up hurricanrana, sending the champion to the floor. Austin yanked him to the outside, where they were crushed by a dive from Willie Mack.

On the inside, Mack pound Austin into the corner, but was caught by a missile dropkick from the Ultimate Finesser. Austin and Bey then targeted one another, trading attempted pinfalls.

Mack struggled to get back inside the ring, with both Austin and Bey managing to keep their heads on a swivel. A middle rope leg drop from Austin earned him a two-count. The champ finally got back in the ring, leading to a three-way striking trade.

Ace Austin won with his impressive kicks, but Mack quickly took over, sending both men into opposite corners. A cannonball crushed Austin, and an exploded suplex dumped Bey on his head. Mack set up for the Six-Star Frog Splash, but Austin cut him off. Mack slipped through Austin's legs, setting up for a powerbomb.

Bey rushed in, taking Ace Austin from Mack with a back cracker. Mack connected with the Stunner, dropping Bey right in the middle of the ring. The Six-Star Frog Splash was, again, stopped by Ace Austin, who dumped Mack onto Bey. The Fold hit, but Bey broke up the pinfall.

Mack fell to the floor as Bey superkicked Austin. The former champion responded with The Fold, but Mack was able to break the pin. Austin took Mack to the top, but landed on his head when Mack blocked the super hurricanrana. The Six-Star Frog Splash sealed the deal, giving Mack his first successful title defense.

Results: Willie Mack defeated Ace Austin via pinfall.

Grade: A+

After the match, Ace Austin was interviewed about his loss to Mack. He said he was over losing the X-Division Championship. In fact, he'd outgrown the division. It's time for Ace Austin to focus on new horizons.

Episode Rating: A

An incredible title match closed tonight's show as Austin, Bey and Mack stole the show tonight!

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