IMPACT Wrestling Results: New champions crowned; Moose finds an unlikely ally

FinJuice defend before leaving for Japan; Kenny Omega confronts Moose
FinJuice defend before leaving for Japan; Kenny Omega confronts Moose
Greg Bush

IMPACT Wrestling Under Siege was another stellar show, and we followed that up with a show full of great in-ring action. Not only that, but Kenny Omega's new #1 contender, Moose, called out the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion. We also got a tag title match in the main event as FinJuice defended against Ace Austin and Madman Fulton.

All that and much more. On BTI, we saw Hernandez and the Ruler of Swinger's Palace, Johnny Swinger, take on XXXL. Last week, XXXL was banned from the venue, leading to the match this week. Unfortunately for the Swingman, they could not overcome the unified strength of Acey Romero and Larry D.

The show kicked off by honoring the late New Jack, who unfortunately passed away late last week. New Jack had a legendary career and even showed up in IMPACT Wrestling during the TNA days, working alongside fan-favorite Shark Boy.

We started the in-ring action off with former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion Rohit Raju.

Rohit Raju w/Shera vs. Jake Something on IMPACT Wrestling

Jake Something easily overpowered Rohit Raju early on, but a distraction on the floor by Shera allowed Rohit to take over. A few cheap shots to Jake Something kickstarted Raju's run, though it was short-lived by a nasty shoulder tackle and leaping body attack.

On the floor, Jake bounced Raju around the apron. The ref was distracted by Raju after he was tossed in, though, allowing Shera to mow down Jake. Back inside, Raju stunned Jake with a backspin kick to the mid-section for a two-count. Jake missed a shoulder tackle in the corner, and IMPACT Wrestling's Mocca Skin Manimal followed up with a Divorce Court, further injuring that shoulder.

A buzzsaw kick stunned Jake for a near fall. Jake blocked a neckbreaker and shook off Raju's onslaught, hammering him with a double club to the back. Jake followed that up with some running ax handles and a heavy right hand. Raju was caught with Jake's leaping shoulder thrust in the corner for a close call.

A discus lariat turned Raju inside out. A leaping flatliner counter from Jake's powerbomb bounced the big man off the face. Raju transitioned into a crossface, only for Jake to power out of the hold.

With one arm, Jake set up for a suplex. Shera tripped him up near the ropes, and Raju dropped down with a crossbody. Shera held his feet down while the ref counted the three.

Results: Rohit Raju defeated Jake Something via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling.

Grade: C+

After the bout, Jake demolished the IMPACT Wrestling veteran. As Raju watched on, Jake set up a table, driving his Desi Hit Squad partner through with a spear.

Backstage, Taylor Wilde again shut down the possible partnership between herself and Tenille Dashwood. After she and Kaleb with a K cheated to pull out a win at IMPACT Wrestling Under Siege, Wilde just couldn't see herself working with Dashwood anymore. It was time to focus on what she was here for, the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo.

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Edited by Amar Anand
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